Up Close & Personal

Today we’ll be interviewed by host Bonnie Graham on WGBB AM (Long Island), on the show Up Close & Personal, at 6PM, for about a half hour.

You can listen online, too, by clicking the ‘Listen Live’ button in the upper right hand corner of the WGBB website.

3 Replies to “Up Close & Personal”

  1. If the radio host wasn’t so busy tooting her own horn and blabbing on and on she might have had a chance to ask some questions with some meaning and through your usually insightful answers inform some of her audience about trans issues. Alas, this too short segment sounded like the host perhaps felt the topic was getting “too transgendered” or away from their usual fare of shallow relationship anectdotes and so cut your and Betty’s answers off midstream half the time.

    As always though, it’s great that you guys are out there spreading the word!

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