End of Month

To close out the month, a Buster Keaton montage set to Radiohead’s music: Do watch till the end for a classic Buster moment.

Tucker Carlson: Not Condoning Gay Bashing

The Larry Craig story just keeps going. Tucker Carlson, after saying that he & a friend roughed up a man who hit on him in a DC public bathroom, now says he & his friend only held the man until… Continue Reading

Friday Thoughts

Aeneas, in a moment of contemplation. This moment had to come before he & Aurora got into a kerfuffle, which left him with a torn ear, & her with an abscess in her paw. He went to the vet yesterday,… Continue Reading

At Long Last, They Have No Decency

The Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has determined that the families of the now presumed dead miners in Utah cannot have the UMWA represent them in the ongoing investigation of the case. The real kicker is that MSHA… Continue Reading


Today is this blog’s fourth birthday. Imagine. & You haven’t gotten rid of me yet!

Goodbye Hilly

In some small way, this explains why Hilly Krystal gave up fighting to keep CBGB open, despite his wish that the club survive him. On your way, Hilly, to that garage band bar in the sky. R.I.P. Hilly Krystal, 1932… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Marilyn Frank

Marilyn Frank has been sharing her story with wives at Fantasia Fair, IFGE and Tri-Ess seminars since 1982. She married her husband Len in 1954 and didn’t learn about the cross dressing until 1964, 10 years and 3 children later.… Continue Reading

What Men Do

In the ‘astonishing, but not surprising’ category: CNN does a report on Iraqi women who have ended up prostituting themselves due to the war, asking sometimes as little as $8 a day. The point of course was to do a… Continue Reading

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

More occasionally than I’d prefer, I hear MTFs bemoaning the style faux-pas of their fellow trans women. Sometimes it’s the transitioning women commenting on a crossdresser’s appearance, & sometimes it’s the other way around. But you know, style is a… Continue Reading

Ruining India’s Women

A recent working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) of India has posited that rural women in India, who tend not to be literate, learn a lot if they watch cable: Women who were exposed to cable… Continue Reading


By a somewhat unusual series of events, I’m going to be teaching a Women’s & Gender Studies class this fall at Merrimack College in N. Andover… Massachusetts. I wasn’t expecting to, which is why I won’t be moving there, which… Continue Reading

Abstinence Fails Again

Yet another report has come out that abstinence-only education fails our kids; in this case, abstinence-only education has been shown not to prevent HIV infection. So what I want to know is when we go on the offensive, and start… Continue Reading

Non-Trans Woman in Men’s Prison

Okay, I’ll admit it: I was entirely astonished to read the story of Virginia Grace Soto over on Autumn Sandeen’s blog. Ms. Sota was born and raised female, but due to her androgynous appearance, was housed with men, in the… Continue Reading

Not So Little Disturbance

Grace Paley, author, activist, and feminist, died Wednesday night, August 22nd, 2207, in her home, after a long struggle with breast cancer. Her writing credits are astounding; the most famous of her books is the short story collection The Little… Continue Reading

Julia Serano Guest Blogging on Feministing

Julia Serano, about Bailey, on Feministing today: The fact is that when a self-appointed “expert” like Bailey claims that transsexual women transition for purely sexual reasons, and that they are lying if they state otherwise, people will believe him because… Continue Reading

Dieting Cat

A little late, but not too late as it’s still Friday, here’s Aeneas, looking pissed off because I seem serious about getting them to lose some weight. He hasn’t quite a adjusted to us cutting out the 5PM feeding, so… Continue Reading

Up Close & Personal

Today we’ll be interviewed by host Bonnie Graham on WGBB AM (Long Island), on the show Up Close & Personal, at 6PM, for about a half hour. You can listen online, too, by clicking the ‘Listen Live’ button in the… Continue Reading

Pfc. LaVena Johnson

In light of the recent case brought against Cassandra Hernandez, I wish I didn’t think that the family of LaVena Johnson has a right to be concerned that the Army is sweeping something under the rug, but in this case,… Continue Reading

Partner’s Take

I got this today from Ana in Brazil (the girl from Ipanema, you could say): One last thing: regarding your mixed feelings about Betty’s transformation, one of the best metaphors for it was depicted in the “Beauty and the Beast”… Continue Reading

“Stuff I Supposed After Meeting Some People in a Gay Bar”*

* quote by Mara Keisling, when providing an alternative description of what Bailey’s book could be described as instead of as “science.” This NPR show out of the Bay Area about the whole Bailey controversy is good listening. Joan Roughgarden… Continue Reading