Give ‘Em Hell, Hillbillies

Damn, they’re honking to impeach Bush in Kentucky. Kentucky, folks: a red state through & through.

As Jim Pierce of The Hillbilly Report pointed out:

“Mark Twain is reported to have said that ‘when the end of the world comes I want to be in Kentucky, because there it will come 20 years later.’

If that is true George W. Bush should have been impeached several years ago . . . I suggest when Kentucky is ready to impeach George W. Bush and ‘Shotgun’ Dick Cheney, the Bush Administration is in real trouble.”

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  1. There’s going to be some action in Fort Worth, too, I hear, regarding an impeachment resolution.

  2. Jim Pierce of the Hillbilly Report is one of my favorite bloggers right now. The Hillbilly Report has filled the open void left in the blogisphere when the owner of went off the deep end and into some anti-Islamic wierdness.

    Jim Pierce’s Youtube pieces are often quite funny. The only beef I have with him is that his “Mitch is in My Closet” piece is a bit on the transphobic side. Still, I give Jim a pass because he probibly has no first-hand knowledge of the differences between trans and gay.

    Run a Youtube search for Jim Pierce and Hillbilly Report and enjoy the best of citizen’s media.

  3. Why does everyone assume that just because you’re trans, it means that you’re a left-leaning, Democrat-voting liberal?

    I can’t say that the right makes me particularly happy, but I prefer some of their ideas over the ideas championed by the left – mainly socialism, gun control, encouraging the growth of an irresponsible underclass, socialized medicine, and penalizing productive people who make things happen in this country.

    My point is that I respect people who hold left-leaning ideas, and I support their right to think this way. I draw the line when such people attempt to force their ideas down my throat. If people want socialism, then they can find perfect socialist societies in Europe. Why mess up the US?

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