Control Freak

I decided recently that Law & Order is satisfying in some deep, weird way: like it’s evidence that there’s order in the world even when you don’t have any sense of it in your own.

I was never ever interested in these shows until after I developed PTSD, which is why my conclusion. Some nights I can’t take watching, but I watch anyway; it feels nearly compulsive, good & bad for me at the same time. Good because there is always something satisfying about plot-driven procedurals and bad because it’s a reminder of all the ways you can die.

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  1. As another L&O fan I totally agree, but I also love the casting. There are some great actors who’ve been on the show over the years, some in the regular cast, and also some of the guest stars – some of them really breath life into their characters.

    But, yes, there are lots of ways to die. And also lots of ways that people can be driven to murder…

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