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  1. Can we have a bit of discussion on why we need this?

    I realize that I can’t speak for everyone else, but I for one don’t want to be treated differently. I want the same protections offered to every other citizen regardless of race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation. I don’t believe that assaulting a gay, a black, a female or a TG person is worse than assaulting a SWM. It’s the same. Assaulting any innocent person should be punished under our present legal structure, and it shouldn’t matter if the victim is a member of some protected group or species.

    What am I missing here?


  2. You are missing something because you have clearly not read the bill. It amends the existing hate crimes bills by adding bias against sexual orientation and gender identity as motivations that invoke the sentencing provisions for violent crime. It is not only bias against “transgender” or “homosexual”, it protects everyone equally, heterosexual or homosexual, just as the existing hate crimes statutes protect all races equally. Nobody enjoys special protection — because nobody exists that does not have a race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc! Well, you might say many people are being brutalized for being heterosexual, but one must remember that there was a day when you weren’t killed just for being white either. The point is, if the same crime with the same motivation is done to any random two people, the sentencing outcome will be the same, and that is why equal protection is not violated.

    It is for this reason that I have a serious beef with the “Disability” that was tacked onto the bill. That DOES create a special class of citizens who enjoy protection, because only people with a disability could possibly be protected by it. IMO, they should have used “physical or mental capability” instead. Using Disability brings up 14th amendment issues that will probably end up sinking the bill, because anti-gay people can glom onto it as an excuse to vote against the bill…

  3. That should have read, _not_ many people are brutalized for being heterosexual.

    Point is, the motive for most violent crime ends when the victim is dispatched. The motive for hate crimes does not end when the victim is dispatched. In hate crimes all victims are equivalent, and because of that there is a high rate of recidivism according to the DOJ Policymaker’s Guide to Hate Crimes. That is the reason for the sentencing provisions — to keep these people behind bars so they don’t get out and victimize more people in the same way. Prison does not cure their bias. Same reason we lock up child molesters and throw away the key, in lieu of castrating them. We have recognized that prison doesn’t cure their attraction to children, they just get out, and they find another target, so we don’t give them that chance.

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