Nothing But Red: Du’a Khalil Anthology

A 17 year old woman named Du’a Khalil was stoned to death in an honor killing and her death recorded on the cellphones of people who were watching & participating.

Police did nothing.

Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, wrote an exhausted, frustrated essay about her death, about the culture of misogyny & violence against women we all live with, & that essay has sparked an anthology in honor of Du’a Khalil.

I feel sick & leaden every time I see anything about this news, because there are so many other women who are hurt, beaten, & tortured who we don’t get to see. There are too many women I know who have been beaten or hurt or otherwise abused.

There is too much violence against women.

5 Replies to “Nothing But Red: Du’a Khalil Anthology”

  1. This makes me ill. As someone who has survived physical and emotional abuse, admittedly I’m too sensitive and can’t watch the video. It will rip my heart out and make me have nightmares for days.

    Joss’s thoughts were moving and beautiful though.

  2. What’s more sickening that that women are brought up in this world to be victims instead of empowered human beings. No woman should ever tolerate any abuse from any person. Period.

  3. ” no woman should tolerate ” ??????
    some times there is little to no alternative to the abuse. feeding her children, keeping alive may take precidence, over her own saftey, not every place in the world has the refuges/choices that we provide in this country for battered women. Is it her fault because she ” tolerated ” it ?????
    How unworldly to say, ” no woman should tolerate ” abuse. Like most abused women have a choice ? Well, I guess they could choose to beat there children heads in on a rock, then drown themselves, like the women who produced only girl babys in india did up to 20 years ago.

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