Justice for JT?

Laura Albert has to pay back $110,000 – + $6500 in damages – that she was paid for the film rights to her book Sarah, because it was supposed to have been written by her alter-ego JT LeRoy, trans prostitute, who of course, does not, & never did, exist.

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  1. It is one thing to use a nom de plume for publication purposes, but your taxes and contracts must bear your legal name. It’s also one thing to write fiction under the guise of an autobiography (e.g., Memoirs of a Geisha). But it is another thing entirely to enter into contracts for a purportedly true autobiography and disguise one’s true identity to conceal the fact that the autobiography is not true. This is not an issue of Constitutional rights. It’s an issue of fraud.

  2. This is an easy one. The story is so off-the-wall that Hollywood pays her for movie rights, and creates a movie, a TV series and an HBO documentary. She pays off the publisher using the cash from the deal, and retires to Monaco to write a sequel.

    If Monica Lewinski can felate Uncle Bill and get a book / movie deal, so can this woman.

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