Every once in a while I wonder, when I see photos of MTFs that have been doctored, or taken in just the right light, etc., whether other people worry the way that I do that people will love the photo but then meet you in person & think you look like crap?

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  1. Yup.

    But, keep in mind that most people look better as living, breathing flesh than they do in photos. So I feel like throwing out the 95% least flattering photos and going with the 5% best ones is kind of just trying to compensate for that.

  2. I agree with Jude. Would someone please tell me how to doctor my photos ’cause this doctor looks like crap in her photos. There always seems to be too much fish-eye with a 35mm snapshot. Anyway, the on-line dating world appears very suspicious of photos and it only magnifies other suspicions about you if you ‘block caller ID’ or have a minor inconsistency in your ‘story’. It ain’t easy out there.

  3. I look just like my best photo’s… sure… right, well I do, if I have 2 hours to spend getting ready, and don’t sweat.

    otherwise I look like somebody’s grandma

  4. Definitely. I am very insecure about how I look in public, and sharing any picture of myself is a really hard thing for me to do in part because of this.

  5. Ahhh yes.
    I am the queen of photo shop (or as my friends would say, “The Princess”).
    There is nothing better however, than that moment when you meet someone, or someone meets you, and your eyes sparkle in such a way, and your smile comes across as so genuine… photos don’t do $#!T in my opinion to convey beauty. Pretty? Maybe. But who wants to be “Pretty” when you can be BEAUTIFUL! That all encumpassing, “I’m brilliant, I have spirit, I have talent, I am loved and I love!” beauty!

    But yeah. Photo doctoring. Very fun!
    I say. Good old fashion photo shoot! It’s been so long!


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