Is anyone else watching this remarkable Planet Earth series on the Discovery Channel? It’s astonishing, though not for the faint of heart; I alternate between wondering why life (& death) have to be full of so much suffering, but then… Continue Reading

Unhappy Boob

Jane magazine discovered in a recent survey of their readers that 75% of women are unhappy with their breasts, so they decided to dedicate their May issue to breasts & breast health (both physical & psychological). There’s photos of breasts… Continue Reading


ENDA has been introduced to Congress, which is a fantastic thing – to protect LGBT people from employment discrimination. For more info/overview, check HRC’s site. For a specific explanation of the gender issues & language, check Transgender Workplace Diversity. Come… Continue Reading


Tonight’s 20/20 is going to feature a Barbara Walters special concerning trans children. 10PM EDT, ABC-TV.

Party’s Over

A big thank you to everyone who came to the launch party tonight – we had a fantastic time, & it was great meeting new people and talking to friends, old & new.

Both Eyes Open

He pretends to be sleeping, sometimes, when really he’s just laying around thinking about when the next meal is.

Launch Party

Well it seems like it took forever to get here, but finally: tonight is the launch party for She’s Not the Man I Married, at Marion’s Continental. Please, if you’re planning on coming, do let me know.


Every once in a while I wonder, when I see photos of MTFs that have been doctored, or taken in just the right light, etc., whether other people worry the way that I do that people will love the photo… Continue Reading

The Graduate

Recently in our forums, Nettie jokingly made a reference to the “Class of 2007” – meaning those who would be transitioning in 2007 – and in the context of our experience talking to people at IFGE, & in the light… Continue Reading


Betty said she hadn’t seen my Penn State Dickinson School of Law talk because I put it up on the date I spoke, so here’s a link if you missed it, too. They’ve also added the video to their website.

No Kissing in Public

One of our mHB board regulars recently mentioned kissing her wife while at a conference, and I was reminded that I wanted to post something about kissing Betty at trans conferences. The thing is, I’m not comfortable kissing her in… Continue Reading

Born in the Wrong Body

I’m up in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever, so I wanted to let people know they should keep an eye out for an MSNBC program called Born in the Wrong Body. We caught it tonight &… Continue Reading

Green Man

My friend Lara (now infamous since she’s in the new book) sent me this story involving gender roles & green politics, written by No Impact Man – who is trying to live in such a way as to create no… Continue Reading

Interview with Betty

Upon our return from Harrisburg, I find San Francisco’s Bay Windows has run an interview/article about Betty written by Jake Anderson Minshall.

The Penn State Law Talk

I’m hoping that this talk was recorded as planned and so will be available on Penn State Dickinson School of Law’s website, eventually, because there were a lot of interesting questions discussed in the Q&A after I spoke. Prof. Rains… Continue Reading

To Ponder, Ponderously

Endymion pondering the meaning of phrases like “arbitrary interference” and “margin of appreciation,” which is exactly why we left him at home while I’m speaking at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law today.

Penn State on Friday

I’ll be speaking at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law this Friday at 11:30. This event IS open to the public, so do come if you’re in the area. A law professor, Robert Rains, who is well-versed in trans… Continue Reading

Derek & Romaine & Me

For those of you who have Sirius Radio, I’ll be on The Derek & Romaine Show tonight at 7PM. You can listen to it online, if you sign up for a three-day registration with Sirius. Then find OutQ (it’s channel… Continue Reading

Beyond the Law

A trans woman is leaving her job as a librarian despite discrimination protections. Jillian Todd-Weiss comments on her blog: “Philadelphia has an ordinance prohibiting gender identity discrimination, as do a number of cities in Pennsylvania, some major corporations have gender… Continue Reading

Nikki G.

Did you see the stunning & empowering Nikki Giovanni delivering a poem at the Virginia Tech service today? Was she remarkable or what? & A snappy dresser, to boot. When I grow up I wanna be just like her. It… Continue Reading