A couple of days ago, I was on a marathon phone chat with my mom, who somewhere toward the end of the call thanked me for sending her a copy of the new book and said, “You look great on the cover.”

Yeah. My mom can’t even tell me from Betty.

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  1. My father once gave me a copy of a magazine because “there’s a picture of you in it.” It wasn’t that out there; there’d been pictures of me in that magazine before. But this one was of some woman, 20+ years younger than I, who might get to look like me when she’s older, but for now the resemblance was that we were both fat. And she was fatter.
    You just walk around shaking your head for a while.

  2. Hey. Some people start to look like their pets after they’ve been with them awhile. I never heard about one spouse starting to look like the other though.

    If you’re going to look like someone, it might as well be your significant other.


  3. Though my wife and I appear to be your average girlfriends when out and about, I don’t think she was ready for the woman at the beauty supply counter to ask if we were sisters!

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