I Hope It’s the Name

I don’t know about anyone else who’s watching, but I’m kind of stunned and pleased that 62-year-old Helen Mirren is, hands down, the sexiest woman at the Oscars.

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  1. yes, gives hope to all us ” less than young ” women that someone out there thinks we are lovely besides our husband’s.
    She is one class act.

    Grandma Lizzy

  2. Yes, Helen Mirren has always been “hot”…you know she’s been around a good long while. One of my favorite films of hers is “The Long Good Friday.” If you haven’t seen it, rent it on dvd.

  3. AS Det. Supt. Jane Tennison, she utters to her black boyfriend who is a Detective subordinate at Scotland Yard -“You won’t tell the lads you’re shagging (British slang for you know what) the “Gov” (Boss-meaning her)- will you?” Great line- only to be heard in British theater and film productions. She is wonderful.

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