Us On Dr. Keith on YouTube

Here’s the first half of our Dr. Keith appearance, and here’s the second half. Much thanks to Kiss of Athena, who has also put up the whole thing, in one piece, on Google Video.

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  1. Managed to see only bits and pieces of the “live” broadcast, fortunately including Helen and Betty’s wonderful presences. So, thanks so much for the efforts by KoA in providing a means of sharing with others, including my SO.

  2. Great interview! Y’all did a great job presenting your particular life stories w/o letting anyone else derail you. I was also impressed by Dr. Keith. That was the first time I’ve seen his show, and that was palatable. I usually don’t like daytime psychiatric-flavored talk shows.

    Also, great job — both Betty and Helen — handling the posts yesterday. Your restraint and ability to stay on message is wonderful.

    I’m also glad things went okay w/ the family.

  3. Very nice interview. You both can be described as “one class act”. Nice to see trans people who are well groomed, well-spoken and well-presented.


  4. I agree with the above comments – you both came across very well, and Dr. Keith was refreshingly open minded and sincere.

    I don’t blame you Helen for wanting to keep the boy voice – it makes Russell Crowe sound like a chipmunk. Spectacular!!

  5. Incredible interview! Currently the Google video isn’t working, but as soon as it is, I intend to download and save it!

    When I met my girlfriend-now-wife, Helen’s book was one that I gave her to read to help her understand where/who I was. Having seen Betty “in person” so to speak – I’m stunned. Both by her appearance and presentation, but also by the obvious sincerity and love Betty and Helen share. These two souls were clearly in love and would be regardless of the shell covering them.

    I also must admit, though I don’t usually like daytime-psychobabble shows, I was impressed with Dr Keith’s openness and seemingly-genuine interest. It gives me some hope that we may someday be better understood by others. Thanks to you both for doing this!

  6. I thought it was a very nicely done segment. Both of you, Helen and Betty, came across as real people living a real-life love story. The was a wonderful sense of the challenges you’ve both had to face while trying to find a way to make it ‘all work out’.

    On the other hand, while Dr. Keith was a smart and sensitive (and really good-looking) host, there was a strong sense of showmanship on his part that was rather unnerving to me. He asked you, Betty, the question (and perhaps I’m framing the sequence wrong), “What do you mean by your being midway in the process of transition? Everything above the belt and nothing below?” It was ‘cute’ phraseology but he tried to answer the question for you. I’m not convinced that you really wanted to answer that question in the affirmative but he went for the laugh and sort of forced your hand. In some ways I think he was tougher to stay on topic with than if you had a clearly hostile host. At the end of the day, I’ll bet all he cares about is if his audience was awed – either by his guests or by him (especially by him).

    But as for you guys, you were nothing but great.

  7. I’m totally going to download it from google when it starts working so I can show my ex. He’s the reason I bought both books. Although we are not together I feel that as a friend (who also has her share of gender issues) it’s my duty to help him along by encouraging him to let go of his shame and simultaneously make sure he picks out clothes that show off what a great ass he has 😀

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