8 Replies to “Dr. Keith”

  1. I am looking forward to skipping work (and yoga) to watch it and I totally want to graffiti that photo with thought balloons – Betty looks pensive and engaged and you look like you are about to say something pithy and you both look adorable as all get out.

  2. The promo video is so dramatic! The music and voiceover sound like they’re from a made-for-TV movie about a hijacked airplane. “Born the wrong sex…and now they’re going to Cuba.”

  3. I sent my kid’s the times and stations, so they can see who there old mother likes to hang with, well mostly on line these day’s. I’ll be watching, and recording so DJ can watch when she gets home from work.

  4. Wow, I just watched, so interesting! I can relate to what Betty says about ‘it’ never really being a body dysmorphic thing – I never felt that I was ‘in the wrong body’, I just knew I wanted to dress like the girls and do ‘girl’ things…at least sometimes πŸ˜‰

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