A Little of First Event

from my journal, 21 january:

we’re in the bar @ the burlington marriott waiting for our car to take us to the amtrak station, after the long week/end that was first event. what a trip – the whole of it. we hit the ground running, arriving around 7pm thursday just in time for a comedy show. we didn’t even change out of our travel clothes – but found ourselves having a tasty buffet dinner & laughing at the jokes of Amy Tee & three other comedians. i’m usually pretty good at being a little stealth & getting the lay of the land before people figure out i’m “that helen” but this time around there was a big picture of my mug in the catalong – so the guys working security knew me right away. usually of course there’s an expectation that people named Helen & Betty will be significantly older that we are, since they’re old lady names, & the surprise we’re greeted with often entertains me.