First Event

We leave for First Event today, and are really looking forward to experiencing this legendary trans conference. Just so you know – and because I probably won’t be answering emails for a bit – this is what I’ll be doing at First Event:

on Friday:

  • a reading from She’s Not the Man I Married during the luncheon
  • a trans sexuality workshop open to all

on Saturday:

  • a workshop for partners/SOs only
  • the keynote speech during the Awards Banquet

Betty will be with me, and we’ll otherwise be around, so do say hello if you see us.

3 Replies to “First Event”

  1. I am new to all of this but I would love to attend a conference like First Event. How can I find out more about this one and others?

  2. Your workshop on trans-sexuality was excellent. You covered many of the feeling I am thinking about, it is hard enough to be trans but when you add your partner’s feeling to the mix it makes a lot harder.

    Your speech was right on, we have to concentrate on those that we can change and we have to come together as one community that recognizes the vast diversity within. If only it didn’t come so late in the evening.

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