Happy New Year

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… so was 2007 for the trans community, what with ENDA. Jacob Anderson-Minshall did a wrap-up of the year for The San Francisco Bay Times. I’m looking forward to… Continue Reading

Good Riddance, 2007 – #21

Most Subtle Sexist Advertising: Prefer-On, the bogus medicine to get rid of scars, has a woman applying the product where most women get stretch marks from pregancy, while the voiceover refers to “embarassing scars.” (If men gave birth, there’d be… Continue Reading


I realized the other day that the reason it drives me crazy to have clothes of various sizes around – because of weight gain/loss – is because it’s new to me. Throughout my 20s I was around the same size… Continue Reading

Winter Sleep

To round out the year, our big Endymion sleeping contentedly on one of my favorite sweaters. Endymion has long been a fool for sweaters; one of Betty’s can’t be worn anymore because Endymion made it his bed for so long,… Continue Reading

In the Water

I went to high school with that one woman on Nancy Grace, Susan Moss. & Her older brother really is named Pete. (Explains a lot, I think.) I also went to high school with the actress Diane Farr, who pops… Continue Reading

Good Riddance, 2007 – #20

2007’s Worst Name for a New Drug Abilify. (Named, apparently, by Dubya.)

Boxing Day

The British class system seems sometimes so forthrightly condescending, and today is the day when it all comes together. Boxing Day, as it’s celebrated in the U.K. as well in various places the Empire once governed (though of course not… Continue Reading

A Very Merry

To all those who celebrate Christmas, have a lovely day with family, or friends, or pets, or all of the above. We’ll be spending the day at my sister’s, with some close friends of theirs, but of course spent Christmas… Continue Reading

Visions of Sugarplums

For those of you with cats, isn’t wrapping presents a whole new frontier with them around? Endymion is about as helpful as helpful isn’t, since he has to know about the scissors and the tape and usually has to at… Continue Reading

The Uses of ‘Pretty’ – Part II

A long time ago, I wrote a piece about “pretty” that eventually became a section of She’s Not the Man I Married that in turn, our resident board moderator Donna recently referred to when recounting a moment where she looked… Continue Reading

Good Riddance, 2007 – #19

2007’s Most Misplaced and Illogical “Outrage” American and media shock at the news that Chinese workers, who are getting paid 2 cents a day, are exporting sub-par products.

One A Month

It’s starting to seem like once a month, a new state tells the Federal Government to stuff it’s abstinence-only sex ed funding. This month it’s New Mexico’s turn. Eventually maybe the Feds will get the idea, so write to your… Continue Reading

Good Riddance, 2007 – #18

2007’s Best Self-Mockery Sting, on being asked why the Police reunion tour now, asked (& I’m paraphrasing), “I mean, what else was I going to do? Make another CD of medieval mandolin music?”

Good Riddance, 2007 – #17

2007’s Best ‘Full Circle’ Career Moment: Vincent D’Onofrio playing Robert Goren playing Private Pyle (in the penultimate show of this season’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

Save the Whales

Today on CNN, they’re talking a lot about the Japanese having responded to protests about their planned whale hunt; that is, for the first time ever, the Japanese government has agreed not to hunt humpback whales. But they’re still planning… Continue Reading

Not Now

The stack of envelopes under her are invoices I’m supposed to be filing for one of my clients. I got all set up & ready to work & she came up & promptly fell asleep on them. Sometimes cats tell… Continue Reading

Good Riddance, 2007 – #16

2007’s Most Unasked Question “Why do we still pay cops to troll public bathrooms for homosexual pickups?”

Bathroom Etiquette Gone Wrong

I went into a ladies’ room stall last night, with a hairstick in my back pocket, and at some point, it fell out & clattered on the tile floor. Moments later, I found myself looking for it, with my feet… Continue Reading

Good Riddance, 2007 – #15

2007’s Product Most Clearly Designed to Compensate for a Lack of Foreplay: KY’s “Tingling” Lube

Good Riddance, 2007 – #14

2007’s Least Surprising Political Scandal all of them.