A Few Days

Betty & I are off to visit some friends who live in the country around the New Year’s celebrations, so have a good one, and be safe. (Please do not drink & drive.)

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  1. When I lived in Southington, CT, one of the neighboring (suburban) homes was a “country escape” for a family from NYC. It amused me that what I considered to be suburban hell (it was not really hell, but it was the suburbs), they considered to be out in the sticks. I consider the minimum requirements for “in the country” to be well water and a septic system.

    Have a fine new years in the country, and as my mother wrote in her xmas card, “Hope 1907 is a great year for you both”

  2. One more party to go, then this year’s celebrations are over.
    Had the folks we like, as opposed to those that we owe social obligations, over yesterday, real talk about real things, question posed, ” what major opinions or belief’s have you come to change in the past year “. This became the topic of the evening, and I think we all were surprised by some of the answers.
    Saturday the 13th will be the last holiday party at our house, then the Christmas tree comes down, the decorations get packed away, and the ” New Year” officialy starts for me.
    same resolutions as always, ” think before you speak, and be kind”

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