More Things You Can Do: #s 26-34

I’ve missed a few weeks of posting more things you can do to further trans rights and protections, according to the NCTE:

#26: Locate Support Services

#27: Collaborate with another group on a community project or social event.

#28: Work to Pass a Nondiscrimination Policy at Your Workplace

#29: Connect with PFLAG!

#31: Plan to Come out on National Coming Out Day on October 11

#32: Register New Voters!

#33: Fund Scholarships!

#34: Programs for Youth

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  1. These are all very empowering things to do especially here in Connecticut.
    Item #28, we need all the help we can get, last year we got through the Judicial Committee an Anti-Discrimination bill which added gender and gender expression. This coming legislative year we are going to be trying again and need all the help we can get. If you want to volunteer you can start by contacting Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition (CTAC is part of a group of sponsors for the legislation including the ACLU, ADL, NOW, Love Makes a Family and many more organizations.) or me.
    Item #32, is important because when we are trying our representatives to pass Anti-Discrimination legislation they pay closer attention if you are a voter and you vote. Lamont won the primary in part because of strong backing from the GLBT community (Now if only he will keep his campaign promises.)
    Item #34, here in Connecticut there is an excellent organization for GLBT youth called “True Color” they sponsor mentoring programs, family counseling, GLBT youth drop in centers and most of all the largest GLBT Youth conference in the Northeast (I like to think it is the largest in the world because I doubt there are any other conferences like it.) last year they had over 2700 attendees. True Colors can always use more volunteers for their programs, they especially need more mentors and more foster families willing to take in GLBT kids.
    So go out and get involved, you will find out that you will feel good for volunteering and you will meet a lot of new friends, plus by being visible you will be educating people just by working with them.

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