Wondering What They’ll Think

It’s been one weird (long) month for me. I handed in the manuscript of the next book way at the beginning of the month, recently found out it’s already listed at amazon.com, and my publisher tells me that the initial… Continue Reading

Screwed-up His Courage

Ah, another inspired headline from The Onion: Area Man Finally Works Up Courage To Sexually Harass Secretary After having nearly resigned himself to another seven years of unspoken requests for sexual favors, Winters seized an opportunity to express his feelings… Continue Reading

She’s Not the Man I Married Cover Art

Well, here it is, folks! The cover of the next book, with my lovely partner looking as beautiful as ever:

That Forbes Article

I’m a little surprised, though I guess I shouldn’t be, by the brouhaha created by Forbes re-printing an article from 1973. (That’s a joke, folks, it’s a new article, but it could have been written in 1973. The whole premise… Continue Reading

Week 4: Buster Film Fest

Today at Film Forum: Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill, Jr., The Boat, My Wife’s Relations, Daydreams. This is a stellar selection, folks. Steamboat Bill, Jr. is a classic Keaton film: poor soul in love, trying to get the girl, hit by… Continue Reading


What a lot of news today! It turns out the NYT published my letter to the editor concerning that piece about FTMs. Interestingly, the letter from Sailor Lewis Wallace articulates much better than I did what I was trying to… Continue Reading

Wouldja Look At That?

Completely unbeknownst to me, She’s Not the Man I Married is now listed at amazon.com. No cover image yet, almost nothing at all yet, but there it is, and yes, you can pre-order it if you’d like. That said, if… Continue Reading

Not Chick Lit

It’s come up a couple of times in a few short days, so I thought instead of simmering until I boil over this time, I might address an issue sooner rather than later this time. Women’s writing is not, en… Continue Reading

Bordering on Misogyny

More thoughts on the MWMF controversy: I find sometimes the anger expressed toward the exclusionary policy-makers at the MWMF bordering on misogyny. Because relatively speaking, lesbians want to keep trans women out of a camp. But when I look around… Continue Reading

Bann Coulter

Finally, someone not trans has put the Ann Coulter myth to rest, and quite respectfully of trans women, too.

86 Years (And Many More)

Today is the 86th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution – in other words, today marks the 86th year since women got the right to vote. The right of citizens in the United States to vote shall… Continue Reading

Endymion: Bored

He looks bored a lot, but he’s the most playful of all three cats. And he sure is a killer, even if he doesn’t look it. In fact the boys (I’m never sure which one) have caught two mice in… Continue Reading

Between A Rock & A Hard Place

What with all the discussion going on about the MWMF policy, I’m finding myself once again heavy-hearted, confused, and feeling terribly unresolved. I’ve met so many MTFs who would fit right in at MWMF. Others who could give a rat’s… Continue Reading

More Things You Can Do: #s 26-34

I’ve missed a few weeks of posting more things you can do to further trans rights and protections, according to the NCTE: #26: Locate Support Services #27: Collaborate with another group on a community project or social event. #28: Work… Continue Reading

Best Spam Subject Line of the Day:

Insincerity Whaling

Ick! Santorum!

In keeping with Dan Savage’s lovely coinage, bumper stickers for the PA race.

News from Camp Trans

Michigan Women’s Music Festival ends policy of discrimination against Trans women

Happy Birthday, Maurice!

To my friend and former roomie, a very happy we’re-not-saying-how-old birthday!

Week 3: Buster Film Fest

Today at Film Forum: Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances, with shorts Three Ages and Hard Luck.

Five Questions With… Update

I’ve been doing the Five Questions With… feature on this blog for over a year, with 38 interviews so far (the first with Gwen Smith on 7/27/05, & the most recent with Kate Bornstein, and will probably slow down a… Continue Reading