Does Gingko Biloba Count?

As a substance, I mean? Because if so, I’m going to wind up with a major substance abuse problem I’ll develop in the next week.

Knowing you’re reviewing the final drafts for the copyeditor is nerve-wracking. The feeling that I will not be able to make any changes at a later date is enough to shut my brain down entirely. But at the same time, the book is already in good shape, it feels done, and only this nit-picky stuff needs doing. Still, it burns your eyeballs out.

Betty may regret ever having married a writer after this week.

3 Replies to “Does Gingko Biloba Count?”

  1. improves memory, focus. of course nicotine is the best at that (it really does improve mental acuity) but i was talking about developing addictions, not ones i already have.

    i take bilberry, too, for circulation, since sitting so much is crap for that as well.

  2. Good luck on the picky stuff and congratulations that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train but the bright light of the new book nearly out in the world. There was a comment I was going to make about gingko, but I’ve forgotten it. 😉 Best wishes to you and Betty.


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