Photo Betty

Today we went to our favorite photographer’s studio and took a bunch of photos – one of which will become the cover of She’s Not the Man I Married. I don’t have any previews just now – we’ll get some of the photos tomorrow – but it was a very interesting experience. Our favorite salon here in Brooklyn did hair and makeup, and quite wonderfully: even my flat, straight hair seemed like it had body. Betty looked truly beautiful.

At one point when we were nearly done, and Betty was still in the make-up chair, and a few other women were waiting around, the makeup artist said something (accidentally) about “Jason,” clearly indicating she was talking about the woman in her makeup chair, and I watched the double and triple takes on the parts of the awaiting ladies.

But I do want to confirm that Betty does not enjoy having her picture taken. The photographer and I had our work cut out for her us trying to get her to relax. Afterwards, when we were going to dinner, I laughed at how obviously physical her tension had been, because her jaw was in a different place than it has been for days.

Betty tried three outfits; I tried two. We’ll see: fingers crossed.

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  1. ” Betty looked truly beautiful” and you did not ??????
    why do we, woman who do not, perhaps meet the model, movie star idea of beautiful always put ourselves down ?
    Had a great conversation with Zippy, Judes’s partner, this weekend about the feminin ideal, beauty, the whole idea of who is womanly and who is not… so much of what we see in magazines, on tv, in movies put forth as lovely, is just so much paint and spackle. ( we spoke of deeper ideas as well )
    What’s lovely about any woman is the light that shines from her eyes, her intelegence, her humanity.
    That’s what’s attractive about all us humans, the outside is just window dressing.
    Betty has a lovely package, and so do you !
    What’s wrapped up in those packages is exquisit.


  2. Hey Helen,

    That is so cool that you two have this common bond of love. I think more than anything that’s what I appreciate about your relationship with Betty. You see Betty as a beautiful person and you two love each other from the very core of each of your beings. It’s sooo romantic. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the photos and congrats on having another event that you two will be able to share together forever and remember fondly. You two are the ultimate team. 🙂


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