Three More Ways

Posted by – July 16, 2006

Three more ways you can help the larger trans community, according to NCTE:

#26: Make a Restroom More Accessible to Trans People


#27: Collaborate with another group on a community project or social event.


#28: Work to pass an anti-discrimination policy at your workplace

Eventually there will be 52 suggestions, one per week, listed at the NCTE website.

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  1. […] Well, wouldn’t you know that this same topic would come up while I was reading Helen Boyd’s blog, (EN) Gender I stumbled upon her post entitled “Three More Ways” which talked about how the National Center for Transgender Equality is in the process of listing a total of 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality. I’ve posted a few here to wet your reading appetite: #1: Take a Trans Person to Lunch […]

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