Dan Savage Strikes Again

An amazing op-ed by Dan Savage in yesterday’s NY Times. “What the New York and Washington opinions share — besides a willful disregard for equal protection clauses in both state Constitutions — is a heartless lack of concern for the… Continue Reading


Tonight I finished my last revision of Chapter 7, and coincidentally Victor/Victoria was on PBS, and I happened to catch it right from the beginning. People will be surprised to hear that I’ve never seen it before. (Though no-one should… Continue Reading

When the Media Gets It Wrong

I was researching some issues tonight concerning journalism and the proper use of pronouns and discovered that the NLGJA (National Lesbian & Gay Journalists’ Association) have a Rapid Response Task Force whose job it is to target any form of… Continue Reading

Really, No Pressure

First I want to apologize to two people who know who they are. Second I want to explain that this week has been sheer hell for me. Not long ago an author friend of mine reminded me that second books… Continue Reading

Study: Aeneas, Part 7

I’m pretty sure he really does know I’m taking his picture.

Does Gingko Biloba Count?

As a substance, I mean? Because if so, I’m going to wind up with a major substance abuse problem I’ll develop in the next week. Knowing you’re reviewing the final drafts for the copyeditor is nerve-wracking. The feeling that I… Continue Reading

The Photo Shoot

I’m not putting up any of the possible book cover photos – that would be cheating! – but there are some other shots that we took that I thought I’d share. Last time around media folks seemed to want photos… Continue Reading

Photo Betty

Today we went to our favorite photographer’s studio and took a bunch of photos – one of which will become the cover of She’s Not the Man I Married. I don’t have any previews just now – we’ll get some… Continue Reading

Random Factoid

Currently, there are 163 endnotes to the new book.

Boys’ Dolls

According to this week’s Harper’s Weekly Review, British scientists found that playing with dolls can help improve Alzheimer’s patients’ communication abilities. So maybe we should let the boys have a shot at them, too, no?

Math I Like

Not long ago I was looking for a photo of – you know, I don’t remember what. But I happened upon this photographic math equation*, because – well, maybe that’s obvious. But I didn’t quite get what Buster was doing… Continue Reading

Sexism for $200, Alex

Just now on Jeopardy, in the “About the Book” category, the clue was (something like) Found at the beginning of the book, it can run to several pages, and includes thanks yous to editors, agents, grant-making institutions, and wives. And… Continue Reading

Study: Aeneas, Part 6

Now, a little irritated with my ongoing photo-taking. (And happy birthday to my other sister, Jeanne!)

Passing for Couples

I was just now re-drafting one of my chapters, when out of the blue it occurred to me that one of the issues for a (female + mtf) couple making it through transition (social, medical or otherwise) is the ability… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Jan B.

Jan B. is one of the people who started a trans group in Poughkeepsie called MHVTA. She’s been helping run the group since 2001, and I’ve known her for about that long. I used to call her “perpetual lurker Jan”… Continue Reading

Jeff & Esther

I mentioned Esther Williams to a wife of a crossdresser not long ago and she looked at me blankly – silly me, assuming everyone knows the story of the million-dollar mermaid and her crossdressing movie star boyfriend. “Jeff Chandler was… Continue Reading

No Sissy Stuff

I was just watching a documentary about Gene Kelly, who my mom always loved & who I came to love watching as well, and they mentioned that in 1958 he did a TV show called Dancing: A Man’s Game which… Continue Reading

Three More Ways

Three more ways you can help the larger trans community, according to NCTE: #26: Make a Restroom More Accessible to Trans People & #27: Collaborate with another group on a community project or social event. & #28: Work to pass… Continue Reading

Please Donate

If you can, please donate to help us keep doing what we do. Thanks to all of you who have contributed in the past. I should also mention that starting August 2nd, I will be more available to do consulting… Continue Reading

On the Side

There are times when I think I have achieved the ideal form of monogamy: I spent the day with my husband for our anniversary, and now I’m about to go out to a lesbian club with my girlfriend. (And yes,… Continue Reading