Guest Author: Jan B.

I wanted to share a letter and story I got from Jan B., the found of MHVTA. I thought her story of finding a permanent home for Felicity’s trans collection was a nice way or marking how the T is… Continue Reading

Study: Aeneas, Part 3

Modelling is boring, he tells me.

Three Months, 15 lbs.

I am back to the size I was when we got married in 2001, which is nice. My goal is to get to the size I was when we met in 1998, though. We’ll see. Still, I recommend for… Continue Reading

PBS Late Night

You can catch the most interesting things on late night PBS; tonight at 4am was an hour-long tribute to Oscar Wilde in honor of his 150th birthday. Various actors and writers and dancers paid him tribute by reading his lines… Continue Reading

Lucky Number 13

Betty and I have become aunts today for the 13th time, with the birth of our 3rd nephew.  Four are on her side (including today’s), the other nine on mine. & People wonder why we don’t want children of our… Continue Reading

Belligerent Old Ladies?

I had a bad dream about an elephant a couple of weeks ago.* I’ve had a couple of dreams in a row about not being able to keep animals safe (another one involving a calico cat), if anyone feels the… Continue Reading

You Talkin’ To Me?!

For the years I was the most androge/genderqueer (though of course I was often simply called “freak”), I had no idea I was, until I realized that when someone called out “young man, you dropped a glove,” or “homeboy was… Continue Reading

Vern Bullough

Vern Bullough, author of umpteen books, advocate for crossdressers and trans people, died this past Wednesday, June 21st. I can’t even begin to express how sad I am: Vern became more than an author whose books I read, but a… Continue Reading

Her Best Man

Yesterday we went to a party, thrown by a friend who is TG for his wife’s birthday, and at some point people started telling stories about how a groom or bride went missing at a wedding – in this case,… Continue Reading

Too Many

The other day I was seeking out my copy of Hirschfeld’s Transvestites in order to footnote something about his Theory of Intermediaries, and while pulling, I ended up with Kate Bornstein, Virginia Prince, and Judith Butler on my head. Sitting… Continue Reading

Speaking of Femmes

I went to a French brasserie, or cafe, or whatever you’d call a little French-inspired Parisian-decor’d restaurant in Park Slope, with Betty and Donna and Caprice before the Joan Jett show. I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room,… Continue Reading

Butch Purse?

In a great piece called Butches, Lies, and Feminism by Jeanne Cordova out of The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader, this story of a butch purse: I punched my black leather purse into a tighter pillow underneath my head. My… Continue Reading

Gianna Israel Memorial Service

Max Valerio is holding a memorial service in honor of Gianna Israel, and he’s posted an evite invitation with all the details, and so that people can volunteer to help, donate funds, or just RSVP.

Study: Aeneas, Part 2

Another super close-up of my handsome boy. Aeneas’ left ear, for your amusement (but not his).

17-25 Things You Can Do

I’d been cross-posting NCTE’s 52 Things You Can Do For Transgender Equality, but the numbers started to get a little screwy & then I plumb forgot. So, for the end of pride month, here’s #s 17 – 25!! #17: March… Continue Reading

At the Corner of Turk & Taylor

A memorial plaque commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot will be installed at Noon this Thursday, June 22nd, at the corner of San Francisco’s Turk and Taylor Streets. The 1966 riot was the first known instance of… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Cynthia Majors

Cynthia Majors was born and raised in Teaneck New Jersey. She graduated from Teaneck High School in 1970 and Bergen Community College with a BA in 1972. She and her wife Sharla were married in Sept of 1983 and still… Continue Reading

Here Comes the Summer.

Summer begins today at 7:26 am EDT – the moment this post goes up.

Details, Details

This just in: She’s Not the Man I Married will be published in March 2007, and the list price will be $15.95.

A Girl Like Gwen

The Gwen Araujo story aired on Lifetime tonight and unfortunately we don’t have cable, but I’m hoping someone will loan me a copy. Right now I’m not sure I’m up to watching it; I read so many articles, news reports,… Continue Reading