There She Goes, Thinking Again

I think if transwomen are going to lay down the law about needing a _______ (a vagina, or breasts, or hormones) in order to be considered a woman, they damn well better be prepared for other kinds of women to exclude them from the category for not having _________ (ovaries, a uterus, a cervix, fallopian tubes, two XX chromomones, etc.).

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  1. Spot on. A friend of mine is by far and away one of the most feminine TS women I know (in her looks as well as in her mind). Now, she’d love to have the operation and her shrinks would have no problem with authorising it. However, thanks to a medical condition which makes operations tremendously dangerous, no surgeon will accept the risk. With all of that, she is discriminated against by her own TS peers because she is “non-op”.

    That, frankly, disgusts me.

  2. that’d the trouble with a lot of folks that insist that everything fit into there ideas and defnitions, they get all upset when the same thing is done to them…..

  3. Not to mention being prepared to be excluded because they weren’t raised female.

    I think everyone knows how I feel about this, given that my situation is kind of similar to that of Emily’s friend.


  4. Oh, so true. And at the same time, collecting all the merit badges (clothing, surgery, political activism, etc) in the world isn’t going to make other people change their minds about what they perceive. And in my case that means being accepted as Diane…without spending too much time wondering how close I get to “woman”.

    Diane, who giveth with one hand and taketh with the other

  5. So ladies hoisting the gangplank and dogging the hatch are we!?

    Buying into yet another narrow and flawed social construct hurts everyone even remotely connected to it. To the ladies writing the rule book for neo-womyn, be stealth, don’t be stealth I couldn’t give a damn. But do us all a favor, let’s drop all the mystery decoder ring – secret handshake crap shall we??

  6. Helen I think this is very true and valuable point to make. As Kate Bornstein said there’s no such thing as a “real” woman or a “real’ man. I also think that the discrimination that exists within our community has many different levels that may or may not have to do with issues of passability or procedures endured. I think some transwoman want some extra recognition for how hard the journey may have been. In this way you can see they might sneer at a transwoman who decides she doesn’t need any of the various painful procedures. People always want reparation for the pain they’ve endured. I have a friend of a friend who said men should always pay for dinner movies etc because it’s harder for women to endure hair removal and get ready etc etc. Hair removal = free dinner? I should never have to pay for dinner again! On a small scale that’s the same logic. We think we are owed something because we went through trials. It’s not a healthy way to think of course but very human. I really hope that we can all band together because Transwomen passable or not/surguried or not/fulltime or not are all in the same boat. We need to row in the same direction or we’ll get nowhere! I love your blogs very much, thanks for writing them.

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