Whew! We Have a Winner!

After much emailing, head-scratching, polling, and wondering, we finally have a title – and subtitle – for my new book.

She’s Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender Husband

Alas, in my notes this book will always be Boy Meets Girl, because it’s just too easy to put ‘BMG’ at the top of a page of my journal when I’ve got a new idea for the book. Maybe I’ll name one of the chapters Boy Meets Girl, instead.

Wow, do I hate titles. Now all we have to do is figure out what to put on the cover… oy.

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  1. to expand on caprice’s suggestion — would it be too corny to take those 2 photos, cut them vertically in half & splice them together?

  2. Hello,
    I am ejoying your book but must say I hae to laugh at how seriously everyone takes this whole issue.
    Are CDs really tormented about their favorite passtime?
    I’m not and neither are my CD friends.
    We have more fun and meet more people en femme than we ever do as males.
    I personally believe I am trying to accomplish a few things by crossdressing.
    In my opinion, genetic females have somewhat lost touch with their feminity and are somewhat gender-neutral these days — sorry but not sexy to this boy-girl! I am attempting to create something of an ideal woman by crossdressing given my limitations of course. And I do mean in a sexy and retro-glamourous way, not in a real world nurture the children kind of way.
    I created a ”second self” at least partially due to my not being able to find such a female counterpart as I have yearned for.
    To my knowledge I did not initially do this to attract men. However, I found that I did attract them. My femme-self ended up getting into sexual relationships with men as a result of this. I had previously lived primarily as a heterosexual although I had tried but not particularly enjoyed homosexual activities 2 or 3 times previously.
    I definitely enjoy expressing my femme sexuality with men. In a way, the men I have sex with represent the masculine part of myself and my femme self represents the idealized female I have never met. I experience my glamour goddess fantasy directly while dressed and indirectly as a male by the response of males to my femme self.
    Personally, I have never met a truly heterosexual crossdresser and am cynical that they truly exist – in my opinion this may represent repression more than reality on the part of the cd who believes they are straight.
    I haven’t really met gay CDs either – only bisexual ones like myself.
    My partners are far and away more often male but that’s because when I go out in a dress men approach me and women are not typically available. I am more than happy to engage in sex with both. However, at this point I probably enjoy males more because they approach and appear to aprpeciate me more than females.
    Love fetish. Can’t beleive so many CDs think they have a problem – as your book pointed out at this point – being a CD isn’t the problem, being in a society that is not well-adjusted to diversity is the problem.
    Will probably feel forced to write again as I read more. Loving the book but laughing at the serious way everyone takes it. Relax, put on those heels, and go CD girls!
    By the way, I do not care one bit about passing. I am not trying to delude anyone into thinking I am female. I do not hide my penis or wear fake boobies. I do tend to play down by masculine arms and torso with loose fitting sheer blouses and shawls over tight sexy dresses that are often sheer themselves.
    All you gotta do is love it baby, go out but stay safe in a freaked-out world, and have fun fun fun!!!!

  3. Victoria,

    I guess you haven’t gotten to the part about wives betrayed and all that. Or people sliding down the slippery slope to SRS? Or people who have something besides rampant libido as part of their gender dysphoria.

    I’m glad you’re having fun. I hope your sex is safer. I hope you never make commitments you can’t/won’t keep. I hope you never need to balance the needs of a family against your “fun”. But if you **really** want to respect diversity, please understand that your kind of party girls aren’t the only kids on the block, even if there are more of you than some people would like to admit.


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