A Moment With Betty

I was busy writing a post about Jill Barkley and the Philly Trans Health Conference when the President’s appearance was announced. With my back to the TV, I heard Betty crack a beer open and then say, “It’s like a… Continue Reading

Apparently It Is a Secret

Tonight I caught a Secret deodorant commercial and noticed the tag line is now: Strong Enough for a Woman. I had no idea they’d changed it, but bravo!

1/30/06 = #5

NCTE’s 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #5 Invite your mayor or other elected official to address a trans group or town meeting.

BPL Wins ‘Most Hip to Scams’ Award

Brooklyn Public Library has already put James Frey’s book in their fiction section. I love this town.

Way, WAY Too Much TV

Okay, I’m going to hope this is the last installation in my recent series about my TV viewing. (Previous installations includes posts about Coke and Adam Ant, Jenny Craig and street harassment, Beauty & the Geek, and one about a… Continue Reading

Receipt, Please?

Natalie posted a “quit bickering” type post in a recent thread full of hot debate, misreadings & misunderstandings (since closed) about mosaic intersexed conditions, and her list, although well-intentioned, immediately garnered objection from Andrea – and from us. Betty and… Continue Reading

Way Too Much TV

When I first saw the ads for Beauty & the Geek, I delivered a predictable tirade about gender and intelligence and how stupid it was that the Beauties were all female and the Geeks all male. Then I saw a… Continue Reading

He is So Bored of Winter, Already

Keep Your Right to a Pet

Out of the Freying Pan and Into the Fire

Oprah just said that she doesn’t want kudos for admitting she was wrong because it was the only thing to do, and that was after cutting off Nan Talese mid-sentence. (Nan Talese is not the kind of person who is… Continue Reading

Too Much TV

Okay, so I’m watching way too much TV I guess, because I just caught Kirstie Alley’s most recent Jenny Craig commercial: she is walking down a dark street, alone, when a guy’s voice yells out, “Momma, you’re looking good!” (or… Continue Reading

Put On A Little Makeup (and Have a Coke)

I assume most people saw the Coke commercial where the woman goes into the barbershop and gets a man’s haircut, and I’m kind of surprised no-one told me about it – because the background music is Adam Ant’s “Goody Two… Continue Reading

It’s a Boy Meets Girl

It’s finally official, and I finally get to say it outloud: I’ve sold my next book, tentatively titled Boy Meets Girl, to Seal Press. Their blurb: •The author of MY HUSBAND BETTY writes about her husband’s crossdressing and the possibility… Continue Reading

1/23/06 = #4

NCTE’s 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #4 Run for Office

The Mad-ness of Partners

I’ve been thinking a lot about the anger of partners. I wonder sometimes about the correlation between anger & empowerment. I’ve never been a plate-breaking type; I’ve never thrown someone’s stuff out a window. And I wonder, when I see… Continue Reading

Blog for Choice

Big shocker here, but this blog is most definitely pro-choice. So what happens when a woman who is anti-choice gets pregnant and didn’t intend to? Sometimes, she goes an abortion at the very same clinic she was out protesting the… Continue Reading

Not Narnia

A reality TV show that featured a white, conservative, Christian town welcoming a gay family into their midst never saw the light of day. I don’t think anyone should be surprised. The Wrights – the gay family in question –… Continue Reading

A Mystery

“We name and talk of a problematic “transvestism,” the desire to dress in the clothes of the other sex. We do not usually name and speak of the strong desire to dress in the clothes of one’s own sex. But… Continue Reading

Two More Miners Missing

In a new accident, two more miners – of a dozen – are trapped in a different mine in West Virginia.

Working Cat

Sometimes he just gets carried away with his self-cleaning and works on me, instead.