Greetings Thread

What with the boards closed, I thought I’d set up a thread so that all the board folks are able to wish each other Merry/Happy’s. It’s not often that Christmas & the first night of Chanukah are the same night.

So, use the comments spot below to go right ahead & do that.


A Very Very Happy Holiday Season to you All!!

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  1. whoops, caprice is right: i went a day earlier instead of a day later.

    today i went out & bought gifts for all my nieces & nephews in NY – 10 in all. & my parents. & a few others i’d forgotten. & it was really fun, & i came home really wishing i actually owned some xmas music – and in my day’s mail, a cd from my friends jill & luis. nothing like a fellow pair of gen xers to get it exactly right: from the bowie/crosby drummer boy to the kinks to (yes!) the waitresses.

    happy helen. wrapping presents is a bit slow with three cats, though. 😉

  2. Try wrapping with 9 cats! LOL! Fun and games, and I think we are now back to 8 cats… I haven’t seen one for a bit. (Oops?) At least I got the England presents off before Christmas this year…

    Happy holidays, whatever you celebrate (or don’t). And all the best with the new boards and a Happy New Year.

    Carolyn Ann

    PS Dyker Heights is worth a quick visit, but only if you’re in the area.

  3. Here’s what I think is the most PC greeting (which is not to imply that I condone PCness, but here goes anyway) — “Wishing a delightful holiday season to all, but only those, who choose to have one.”

  4. As Chanukah and Christmas fall in such close proximity this year, we could call it a mixed blessing. And since so many of our lives are mixed up these days, may the coming year be an unmitigated blessing.

  5. Panettone soaked in rum- barely edible,
    Latkes and Sufganiot (fried donuts)- delicious.
    Kwanzaa feast- intriguing
    Traditional Kwanzaa feast
    • Fried Okra
    • Chicken & Sausage Gumbo with Rice
    • Collard Greens
    • Coconut Biscuits
    • Classic Cornbread
    • Down Home Sweet Potato Pie

    May you all celebrate this “Holiday Season” in the company of friends and family enjoying the spiritual enrichment Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa offer each in it’s own unique way. For those without religious or cultural traditions, perhaps just pondering the glory of our universe is sufficient.

  6. Happy post-holiday for the X-Mas folk, and happy current holiday to the Chanukkah folk!

    And a safe New Year’s Eve to all!

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