Thank You, Rosa

Rosa Parks

She was always one of my favorite models for activism – not someone out to change the world, not someone out for the power & the glory, just a woman who’d had enough.

Thank you, Rosa.

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  1. Hi,

    I wanted to wait until the hype around Rosa settled down to say anything. The obligatory blurbs about her life really got me upset. The phony carrying without truly understanding what she meant to those who cared for her meant. I just stayed away. Until I saw this.

    Rosa Parks was a great woman and it didn’t matter if she said she just didn’t want to get up, she changed the world for standing up for something that was right. She helped galvanize more than the civil rights movement. She helped black women by being someone who showed not only men can be strong.

    She was one of my idols from afar. It took age to appreciate how much she meant to the world I live in now and I regret that as she saw so many things prosper for blacks in America, she also saw a lot of failure due to greed, pride, and evil.

    I will love her forever and I feel a great loss with her not breathing the same air I breath. I miss you Rosa, but you will forever be with me in spirit and with my will to live as I want to. You helped liberate a people and you helped me liberate myself personally.

    May you rest in eternal peace. You beautiful, beautiful soul.


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