The Reality of Transition

On the MHB Boards, Emilia posted a link to an essay by trans educator Raven Kaldera that I thought more people should see. It’s called A Letter to Would-Be Transsexuals, and points up twenty areas of change that will impact your life if you transition. I thought it was accurate and not sugar-coated – the kind of essay I like best.

More of Raven Kaldera’s writing on trans issues can be found on his website:

He’ll also be presenting at Dark Odyssey, where Rahne Alexander, me, Joe Samson, and other transpeople who will be talking about the many aspects of trans sexuality. (Dark Odyssey is not a trans conference, but an all-kink inclusive sex conference.)

The essay is also being discussed on the MHB Boards.

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  1. Wow! I once met Rahne at a seminar in Davis, CA!

    Hey, I don’t get around to conventions and stuff. It’s a big coincidence in my book…

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