Our Old Friend Mike Bailey

Well, he’s done it again. Like a child you’ve told to quit putting beans up his nose, we’re once again in the emergency room, this time having a fava bean extracted.

Professor J. Michael Bailey, infamous for The Man Who Would Be Queen, finding no fault with parents who’d abort a gay foetus, and sleeping with his clients/research subjects, is in the pages of The New York Times with a study on bisexuality, where he concludes – big shocker! – that bisexuality is suspect. That is, that bisexual men, specifically, are either really straight or gay.

It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Blanchard & Bailey have made names for themselves with stating that TSs who aren’t autogynephilic really are, or might be, and that crossdressers really are turned on by crossdressing, even when they say they aren’t. And all this, thanks to a fabulous little device called a plethysmograph.

I’m not the only one who is fed up with this guy getting funding and coverage. It’s not just the trans community he’s misrepresenting anymore. It never was, really, considering he has audiences listen to recordings of men speaking and asks them to guess which speakers are gay, and that his whole judgement of transwomen was based on how attractive they are to him is pure, unadulterated sexism. He didn’t have much nice to say about crossdressers, either.

Anyway, I’ve written a Letter to the Editor of the NYT, as has our own newish board member Megan Pickett, and I’d encourage more of you to do the same. You can send emails to letters@nytimes.com, but remember two things: 1) less than 150 words, 2) include your full name, address, and phone #.

Much thanks to Donna for several important links, and to the rest of the MHB Board Members who added useful insights and much-needed facts.

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  1. Letter to NYT

    Straight, Gay or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    While I freely admit I have read only your article about this subject and have yet to read the full research paper, at first glance this would appear to be yet another piece of drivel from an academic group. Human sexuality is such a complex matter that to attempt to package it in the way described seems a fruitless exercise. Of what use are labels when the attraction to either sex, if we are to be truly honest and candid, is so multipotential.

    Liberation requires that we continue to interact with whoever whenever and stop trying to analyse the indefinable.

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