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  1. I’m sorry, I just have to offer ‘my two cents’:
    Here’s the original AP article as reported in The Arizona Republic (which we locals refer to as The Arizona Repulsive).

    Man’s death probably a hate crime, Yuma investigators say
    Associated Press
    Jun. 1, 2005 12:51 PM
    YUMA – Investigators suspect a gay Yuma man’s murder was motivated by his sexual orientation, said a spokesman for the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday.
    Amancio Corrales, 23, was found in the Colorado River near Yuma on May 6, said Capt. Eben Bratcher.
    Corrales had apparently been dressed as a woman when he visited two local bars that night and was believed to have left with people who didn’t know he was a man, Bratcher said.
    Corrales suffered from violent trauma, but police are not releasing the exact cause of death because it could help them identify a suspect, Bratcher said.
    Deputies have no suspects in the case and cannot determine whether Corrales’ death was a hate crime until they find a suspect. However, investigators believe Corrales’ sexual orientation likely factored into the murder, Bratcher said.

    My rant(s):
    First of all, why do they automatically conclude he was gay just because he was “dressed as a woman”? How would they know his sexual preference without interviewing family/friends, and if they did, why not mention the fact he was a ‘well known female impersonator’?
    Second: Why describe him as ‘dressed as a woman’ in the first place? Were it a female victim dressed in, say, jeans and the jersey of her favorite pro athlete, would she be described as ‘dressed as a man’? Seems to me the mere mention of this ‘rationalizes’ the murder in some way (…believed to have left with people who didn’t know he was a man…).
    Third: Why is it I have the nagging feeling the authorities would already have a suspect in custody were the victim a marine killed by two ‘men dressed as women’? In recent months there’ve been numerous murders of ‘men dressed as women’ here in Arizona. To the best of my knowledge none of these have been solved.
    One gets the feeling sometimes that your life is valued (and your murder worth solving) only if you’re rich, white, republican and heterosexual.

  2. July 27,2005

    The Amancio Project Vigil surpassed expectations. The tone and mood was one of joy, sadness and resolve.

    Because of the dreadful murders Yuma yesterday of six people (four children), the news media came early and left before many vigil attendees arrived and left before the speakers delivered their messages. A head count went over 100.

    Amancio’s family was there in force, all wearing t-shirts with Amancio’s picture on them. That was a beautiful sight by itself. Many people drew and wrote their thoughts onto “The Memory Wall.” A video was shown depicting Amancio’s life from early child hood to a few days before his death. It was obvious he was a happy child, spunky adolescent, spirited teenager and talented and giving adult. A poem by Don Gilbert, “One of Liberty’s Children” dealing with hate crime was read by Don and a framed copy handed to Amancio’s mom.

    Speakers included myself as the Organizer of The Yuma County Gay Meetup and The Amancio Project, Representative Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona House of Representatives (first speaking for herself then delivering a message from Arizona Representative Amanda Aguirre), Luis Heredia representing Congressman Grijalva, Brenda Galvan Aguirre from the Arizona Leadership Institute, Donna Rose with the Human Rights Campaign, Lori Girshick the Anti-Violence Project Coordinator for Wingspan in Tucson, a hate crime victim’s mother whose son was murdered three years ago and the culprits have not been caught, a member of the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, Vigil coordinator Hanna, with the Yuma County Gay Rights Meetup.

    No Yuma city or county representative was in the audience, an observation which did not go unnoticed by Rep. Sinema and Mr. Heredia.

    A wreath was presented to the family. The mother and the grandmother then handed out “Angel” pins and small crosses to everyone while the candles were being prepared (unfortunately, it became too breezy to light them).

    It is now incumbent upon all of us to keep this spirit alive and the momentum going.

    Michael H. Baughman
    The Amancio Project
    http://www.TheAmancioProject.org (still under construction)

  3. I met amancio, she used to dance in a gay club in Mexicali, BC, in the border with calexico, CA, she sings and dances as THALIA, and she always was a beautiful woman,
    and she was killed because of that, everybody knows it in Yuma and in San Luis rio colorado, but nobody speaks about it, because we are so hypocrit,
    and here in mexico everything is so CLOSETTTT,
    it is a shame, I missed her show, and her alive,

    and when my friends of YuMa told me I felt so sad for her, because the mother’s day (may 10th) was deliveried to her mother,

    and the press always referd the crime as a man……

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