Our Boy Overseas

I got an email the other day from a 19-year-old crossdresser who was reading my book.
He mentioned how lucky he felt to be dealing with this stuff at 19, before making any permanent commitments in his life.
And then he mentioned that he’s an Army truck driver in Iraq, who parents made him join because it would do him “a world of good.”
He doesn’t get a lot of mail, or packages, and as we all know, our Army guys are taking the hardest hit in Iraq. As a result, I thought it might be cool for a bunch of us to send him mail, email, and even care packages.
Now remember, he wants to fit in with the rest of the guys, so no boxes full of panties (though he is looking for a copy or two of Girl Talk, if anyone’s got a copy they can spare.)
Send letters, cards, gifts, etc to my PO Box, and I’ll ship them to him (though mark them “for our boy overseas” so I know who they’re for). Likewise, send me emails at helenboyd(at)myhusbandbetty.com, and I’ll forward them to him.