that PBS show

Hello all! We’re going to be on TV!! (& not in Canada, either, but in the US, nationally) The show is called “In the Life” and it’s a GLBT magazine hourly. They do shows around a theme, and then interview… Continue Reading

Website Updates

As you may have noticed, Betty & I have been updating the website. Mostly Betty does the work, for which I am eternally thankful. Here are some new changes/section of the site: Press Kit (lists my publications, events we’ve been… Continue Reading

Girl Talk – now free & online!

Gina Lance’s magazine Girl Talk is now available free & online, here: Enjoy!

Dark Odyssey in less than a month!

Betty & I are going to an amazing sexuality vacation called Dark Odyssey (where I’ll be talking about trans-sexuality, gender role play in the bedroom and other wonderfully erotic things). It’s an amazing group of presenters, and look at this… Continue Reading

Out TG Politician running for Arizona House

Amanda Simpson, who transitioned about three years ago, is running for the Arizona House of Representatives and making history. There’s a local story from news channel KOLD below, and you can donate to Ms. Simpson’s campaign via her website. She… Continue Reading

Not In My Name

This is one of the many groups protesting the RNC holding their convention in NYC this September. I think the RNC is trying to exploit the tragedy of 9/11, and it makes me ill – considering NYC still isn’t receiving… Continue Reading

On Being a Writer (Mostly), or Why I Wrote This Book

A discussion on the MHB message boards has brought up the issue of whether or not MHB is some kind of TG “bible,” and I have to be honest that it’s completely weird for me to hear “bible” and my… Continue Reading


It turns out the whole fiasco was caused by someone who self-confessed to not having realized that Betty is not on hormones and is not transitioning, nor that the information that we’re struggling with this wasn’t public knowledge. And ironically,… Continue Reading

Gossip & Calumny*

Okay, I’m definitely upset. As of a few months ago, Betty & I both realized that she is struggling with issues of TGness, basically questioning if she is TS. She is decreasingly unhappy returning to guy mode, and started to… Continue Reading

Preview of Fall events

I just wanted to let everyone know what we’re going to be up to this fall, as we love seeing old (and new) friends at these events. So here goes: Dark Odyssey, September 9th – 15th Southern Comfort, September 30th… Continue Reading