Health Care for GLBT people

A number of states have passed or are considering laws that appear to permit health care providers to deny services to LGBT people. For example: Michigan’s House recently passed HB 5006, which states: “A health care provider may assert as… Continue Reading

Rebecca Juro article

There’s an article by Rebecca Juro up on, and it made me think of a quote by Eugene Debs: “While there is a lower class I am in it; while there is a criminal element I am of it;… Continue Reading

This Week’s Action: 7/19/04

Amnesty International is highlighting a local case of excessive force and transphobia on the part of NYPD officers. To read the full story

Comments Off

I’m turning the comment feature off because they’re getting spammed. I’m going to upgrade the blog software to something that might actually have a chance at blocking this stuff. When? Soon, I hope. Thanks to everyone for your support and… Continue Reading

MHB on SexTV

With a little help from our friends (Minerva, Christine, Zoe & Kat) we filmed a segment with SexTV, a Toronto-based show. It’s been seen in Toronto, and is expanding to Canada and internationally, but for now, you can see it… Continue Reading

Dark Odyssey

Betty & I are going to be presenting at this year’s Dark Odyssey, a sexual vacation for all kinds of sexualities and people. This is not a huge orgy – more a place where couples or singles or the polyamourous… Continue Reading

FMA Defeated

From The Washington Post: Senate Scuttles Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage By David Espo The Associated Press Wednesday, July 14, 2004; 12:56 PM The Senate dealt an election-year defeat Wednesday to a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, rejecting pleas from President… Continue Reading

Happy Bastille Day!

Not only is it Bastille Day (215 years since the French Revolution), but is also our 3rd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Betty! A US clothing manufacturer whosse clothes are sold in France recently got a message to the French people… Continue Reading

UNFPA, instead

While we’re all worried (and mobilized) on the defeat of the FMA, it turns out that Bush will be deciding on whether or not to fund the UNFPA. We’ve been successfully distracted. Here’s the word from Planned Parenthood: On Thursday,… Continue Reading

Sign the Petition

Please sign on to our emergency petition to Congress to stop this divisive amendment at: Then please ask your friends and family to sign, by forwarding them this email. We’ll deliver our comments tomorrow, before the vote, so we… Continue Reading

Vote for MHB!

Pharmacists Refuse to Fill Hormone Prescriptions

An article in this month’s explains that some pharmacists are choosing not to fill prescriptions for birth control – prescriptions that doctors have written for their patients. Birth control pills, as many of you may know, are also used… Continue Reading

Signed Copies for European/UK Readers

UK & European Readers, I’ve added a PayPal button for signed copies of MHB for you! Cost is $26, which includes speedy (airmail) shipping. Helen

No TG Inclusion in Party Platforms

Transgender Inclusion in Party Platform Falls Short The transgender community’s efforts to be included in a political platform fell short this past Saturday. The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) and other transgender community leaders described the news as “disheartening, but… Continue Reading

House Cleaning

Hey folks, I’m doing a bit of site updates over the next week or so, hopefully it won’t get ugly or anything, but consider yourself warned!

Request for Action

This injustice just came to my attention. Please send emails. ** One of the boards which I belong to is the Gender Identity Center of Colorado. There was a post about Kim Dower, a pre-op transsexual who wished to start… Continue Reading

Lambda Letters Challenges HRC

Subject: Please Support The Rights Of Transgender And Intersex People Date: 7/6/2004 From: Lambda Letters Alert Please Support The Rights Of Transgender And Intersex People Dear Friends, Today we ask that you write to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)… Continue Reading

Helen & Betty on SexTV

Hi everybody! I wanted to tell you that the story “My Husband Betty: Love, Sex, and Life with a Crossdresser” will be airing on Citytv’s Sextv on July 10th and July 11th (at 11:30 p.m.) in Toronto and throughout the… Continue Reading

NY TG Congressional Candidate Press Release

Christina Rosetti is now a candidate for Congress against incumbent James Walsh (-R-) in the 25th Congressional District, (which includes Onondaga, Cayuga, Wayne and Monroe Counties). James Walsh is opposed to Gay Marriage and will support the Bush agenda in… Continue Reading

Interview with HB

INTRAA (Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance) ran a review of My Husband Betty that inspired me to get in touch with them, and the author of the review, for the interesting points about feminism it brought up. What resulted was… Continue Reading