GenderTalk Interview

The interview I did with GenderTalk is now available for listening or download on their site.

It’s Program #448, and I start at 32:09.

Also on the show are Calpernia Adams and Andrea James on the all-trans performance of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues,” to take place in LA on February 21, 2004, as part of the V-Day anti-violence project.

11-year-old DQ

This is a great story in the Advocate about a mom and her 11 year-old-son , who has already won awards for his drag act.

If only all moms could be like her.

Justly Married

I think the photos on this site say it all.

Radio Interview

I will be interviewed on OutQ’s Derek & Romaine satellite radio show this Friday, February 20th, starting at 7pm. I’ll also be taking calls from listeners.

You can listen live online.

For more information

Online Community & Support Groups

I’ve gotten a few requests now from people to join CDOD, which is, unfortunately, closed to new members.

Here are a few other options if you’re looking for online support or community.

For SOs of MTF CDs only:
CrossDressers’ Wives and SO Support (CD-WSOS)

Support for Wives and Significant Others of CrossDressers (SFWaSOCDs)

For SOs of MTFs or FTMs:
TG Partners

Crossdresser and SO Support and Community:
A Crossdresser’s Secret Garden

and of course there’s the new group I’ve started, as a forum to discuss the topics I’ve brought up in the book:
My Husband Betty Discussion Group

MHB in the Village Voice

Tristan Taormino wrote this cool article about us in the Village Voice

I’ve also posted it in the forums section, here

Tristan’s website is

Take My Breasts Away event

February 7, 7:00-10:00 pm
Gala fundraiser to raise money for FTM Evan Schwartz’s chest surgery. The incredible line up includes: Emcee Tristan Taormino; The Cast of Butch McCloud with Episode 7, Honey I Shrunk The Lesbians!; Helen Boyd, author of My Husband Betty; Drag performer extraordinaire Johnny Kat; clips from Transparents, a film about FTMs and their children; plus postcards to send to your congress persons, raffle with great prizes, and tasty culinary delights.

Location: The Center, 238 W. 13th Street, NYC
Admission: $20* (*no one turned away). You can purchase tickets in advance at