Online Community & Support Groups

I’ve gotten a few requests now from people to join CDOD, which is, unfortunately, closed to new members.

Here are a few other options if you’re looking for online support or community.

For SOs of MTF CDs only:
CrossDressers’ Wives and SO Support (CD-WSOS)

Support for Wives and Significant Others of CrossDressers (SFWaSOCDs)

For SOs of MTFs or FTMs:
TG Partners

Crossdresser and SO Support and Community:
A Crossdresser’s Secret Garden

and of course there’s the new group I’ve started, as a forum to discuss the topics I’ve brought up in the book:
My Husband Betty Discussion Group

Take My Breasts Away event

February 7, 7:00-10:00 pm
Gala fundraiser to raise money for FTM Evan Schwartz’s chest surgery. The incredible line up includes: Emcee Tristan Taormino; The Cast of Butch McCloud with Episode 7, Honey I Shrunk The Lesbians!; Helen Boyd, author of My Husband Betty; Drag performer extraordinaire Johnny Kat; clips from Transparents, a film about FTMs and their children; plus postcards to send to your congress persons, raffle with great prizes, and tasty culinary delights.

Location: The Center, 238 W. 13th Street, NYC
Admission: $20* (*no one turned away). You can purchase tickets in advance at