Thanksgiving Trans*Am

After you all finish eating with friends and family, and the femme in your is dying to get out, check out Sunday night’s Trans*Am, hosted by Ethan Carter – it’s Ladies’ Night, and only a $3 cover for T-girls! from… Continue Reading

General Clark and Barry Winchell

This just in, from the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition: Critics Rail Against Senate Promotion of Gen. Robert Clark WASHINGTON DC – On Tuesday, November 18th, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm the promotion of Major General Robert T. Clark to… Continue Reading

Brooklyn & Beyond

Last night, my husband and I got to meet two other married CDs who live near us. One came with his wife, and the other promised his wife would make our next gathering. I don’t know if I can explain… Continue Reading

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today, November 20th, is the Transgender Day or Remembrance, when the TG community remembers and honors TG victims of violence. There is a website dedicated to the Day of Remembrance. For more about today, and a list of the memorials… Continue Reading

Smaller Video

Hey all, I managed to cut the file size in half of the promo video and it seems to be streaming now, which is a good thing. So, for those who didn’t get a chance to see it (and my… Continue Reading

Massachusetts Supreme Court Ruling

Massachusetts First State in Nation to Grant Same-Sex Couples the Right to a Civil Marriage WASHINGTON – The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that same- and opposite-sex couples must be given equal civil marriage rights under the state constitution.… Continue Reading

My Husband Betty Publicity Photos

TransNews: Corporate Protections article

This article appeared in Forbes magazine FEATURE-Transsexuals new focus of companies’ legal protection Reuters, 11.09.03, 10:55 AM ET By Daniel Sorid SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Corporations and lawmakers are expanding protections against sexual harassment and discrimination to cover transsexuals, cross-dressers… Continue Reading

Kirkus Review

This just in, my first official review: “The forthright wife of a transvestite offers a revealing look inside the little-known world of transgendered men and their female partners. Boyd (a pseudonym), founder of an online support group for cross-dressers and… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Adam Ant

We will be fine, we’re 49… …for anyone who knows that reference, I’m very very sorry.