Recent Transnews

Here’s a pretty representative sample of some other news stories about “tg issues” that have appeared around the country in the last week or so: This is an article about an appellate court argument in Ohio regarding a case in… Continue Reading

Transgender Rights Case in New York

Helen’s asked me to post some of the links to “transnews” that I come across occasionally, and here’s an article about a recent court decision in New York favorable to transgender rights, rejecting the defendant’s argument that state and city… Continue Reading

The Hateful Rev. Phelps

Sign the petition to keep Rev. “God Hates Fags” Phelps from putting up a statue of Matthew Shepard which would read, “MATTHEW SHEPARD, Entered Hell October 12, 1998, in Defiance of God’s Warning: ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind as… Continue Reading

Anna Quindlen on Jennifer Finney Boylan

Outside the Bright Lines by Anna Quindlen Newsweek, Aug. 11 issue The most dispiriting moment in Jenny Boylan�s book is when she realizes that talking like a girl means sounding uncertain about your own name, like this: �Hello? I�m Jenny… Continue Reading

Riki Wilchins on the TG spectrum

from Riki Wilchins’ Gender Queer : “Transgender was intended as an umbrella term, then a name of inclusion. But umbrellas don’t work well when one group holds them up. Today, trans activism is often focused on the problems (bathroom access,… Continue Reading

Breast Cancer

Since so many CDs buy breast forms originally intended for women who lose their breasts due to breast cancer, I thought it appropriate to get some of you to click on the Breast Cancer site & so raise money for… Continue Reading

Girl Talk magazine

There is a GREAT, full color, glossy magazines for MTF TG people that I love – called Girl Talk . It’s not a ‘support’ type magazine but rather just upbeat & positive & features great professional photos of people who… Continue Reading

October 11th: National Coming Out Day

I read an FAQ at the Human Rights’ Campaign’s website yesterday about Nat’l Coming Out Day, and was quite pleased to see that ‘transvestite’ made their short list of transgender categories. What occurred to me is that it would… Continue Reading

Eddie Izzard

You *have* all heard of Eddie Izzard by now, haven’t you? He’s a comedian & actor who happens to be a transvestite, and who performs – as he did last night here in New York – in heels, skirt, &… Continue Reading

Lacey Leigh’s new book

I’ve been reading Lacey Leigh’s newest book, 7 Secrets of Successful Crossdressers, and it’s wonderful, all about purging shame and living life out in the open. For those of you who don’t know her, her previous book, Out & About:… Continue Reading

Fall Appearances

Betty & I will be going to two events this October: Fantasia Fair, a transgendered festival held in Provincetown, MA, October 19th thru October 26th. I will be doing a reading from My Husband Betty on Thursday, October 23rd at… Continue Reading