How To Tell Your Wife

I was recently asked by a CD how he should tell his wife on a mailing list I’m on, & since this is definitely one my most “Frequently Asked Questions” I thought I’d post the ’10 Guidelines For Telling Your… Continue Reading

Book Progress!!!

So, Helen just received her “pass pages” which is basically the book all laid out and everything but printed on regular paper. Now she gets to go through it with a fine-tooth comb. One more step to final publication! Anyhoo,… Continue Reading


As I mentioned, Betty & I got to see Mariette Pathy Allen’s new book while at a GenderPAC event – a small party/outreach/fundraiser. GenderPAC is the ‘Gender Public Advocacy Coalition,’ an organization which works to end discrimination and violence caused… Continue Reading

Mariette Pathy Allen’s new book

Last night Betty & I went to a GenderPAC event (more on GPAC & the meeting tomorrow), which was hosted by the lovely & talented Mariette Pathy Allen, the photographer. If you don’t know her book Transformations, you should: it’s… Continue Reading

Yahoo! group

I thought perhaps some of you might prefer a mailing list instead of message boards, like myself, so I set up a Yahoo! group Join the mailing list here! My idea is that the group will be focused on issues… Continue Reading

9/11: To The Wives and Partners

In honor of the families and friends of those mourning a loved one today, and especially for the wives and girlfriends and partners who lost someone, this sonnet by Edna St. Vincent Millay: Time does not bring relief; you all… Continue Reading

NYC: Trans Theatre Festival

for those of you in the NYC area, there is a trans theatre festival going on in two spaces in the east village, through Saturday, September 13th: check here for more details: Stages 2003

Lisa Jackson rocks!

Betty & I went to a mixed trans night recently (FTM & MTF) at a lesbian bar called Meow Mix, and we saw trans-musician Lisa Jackson perform. It was my second time hearing her sing, and for the second time I was especially struck by one of her songs, called “Fabulously Done.” Continue Reading