At Least in Death: Help Give Cemia Acoff a Respectful Funeral

Cemia Acoff

Cemia Acoff was murdered in a barbarous way, and now, multiple activists and organizations are working with her family, the funeral home and, yes, the morgue, to bring her home.

They need your help.

They have set up The Cemia Acoff Fund which will, literally, bring Ce Ce home and ensure that she receives a proper send off, full of love and support from the community – and that includes the love and support of her family.

You can donate to The Cemia Acoff Fund here.

The groups involved include:

Shane Morgan, Founder & Chair

Cleveland Trans Community Outreach
Jacob Nash, Chair

Equality Ohio
Elyzabeth Holford, Executive Director

LGBT Center of Cleveland
Phyllis Harris, Executive Director

AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland / Beyond Identities Community Center (BICC)
Tracy Jones, Chief Executive Officer
Miquel Brazil, BICC

RIP Cemia Dove or “CiCi” Alcoff

As I said on my FB page yesterday: I’m sorry, Ms. Alcoff, that we have not yet made the world a place that is safe enough for your beauty.

Rest in Peace.

(And journalists, and police, get your shit together already.  For those who are wondering, she felt forced to admit she was a man, which, if she hadn’t had her ID changed legally, she might have done in order to prevent more complications and charges. Trans women do not “admit” to being men because they “know” they are, but because they know that people are stupid and hateful and shitty to trans people.)