The Onion Wins Again

The Onion has saved me from having to say: fuck CNN & their coverage of the Steubenville verdict. (But do sign the petition, which has now collected 200k signatures, and which demands an apology for their rapist-sympathetic coverage.)

College Basketball Star Heroically Overcomes Tragic Rape He Committed

Just fuck the idiots who treat athletes as if they don’t have to be civilized. I hate the sports cult bullshit, hate it.

(That said, these two NFL guys spoke at the GLAAD awards about being allies to the LGBTQ communities, and I was impressed. My wife had a nice chat with Kluwe, too. More of this, please.)

2 Replies to “The Onion Wins Again”

  1. No athlete should make more than the median income of a school teacher! Not enough money for them? Then get a real job!

  2. This is so well done! It show the absurdity of how we in America worship the athlete.

    But I had a horrible thought at the end?

    How many people would take this satire at face value and actually feel the rapist himself has so much “bravery” to overcome the repercussions for his criminal action, ignoring his 10 seconds of male pleasure ruined a woman’s life experience forever?

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