How the Other Half Lives

My friend Lynne alerted me to a post about the uselessness of women. I wish I could say it surprised me, even a little, but essentialism is essentialism is essentialism, whether that’s expressed in “women should rule the world” attitudes or “women are useless” attitudes. To me: same coin, different sides.

What amazed me even more was this post on the same blog about terminology in this “manosphere.” I hate to say it, but the stuff is so pathetic I just feel sorry for them in their hateful little world. Okay, not really, but I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live in that tiny a brain.

2 Replies to “How the Other Half Lives”

  1. I use to have people ID me as a “woman-hater”; how little they suspected. These guys are a product of the breakup of traditional gender roles, which they can blame on feminism but which has much more to do with a post-industrial culture. I work with a guy like this who basically just likes to gamble and play video games in an endless relationship-less loop. Not everyone is built to be in relationships(I sense brickbats awaiting me if I assert otherwise), but these boys are(as you said) the flip side of the bitter Wimynz (is that the PC term?) self-justification loop.

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