Cool Stuff 2009

On a cheerier note: there are a lot of these lists, too, of the major events of 2009, but I thought I’d do my own. It’s an odd mix of public and private, but so is my life.

  • Obama’s inauguration
  • misuse of both “fisting” and “tea bagging” by right-wingers
  • Law & Order‘s “Transitions” episode, because it was one of the best treatments of transgender lives on television
  • I was chosen as a finalist for the AROHO grant
  • getting to teach Gender Variance – and specifically introducing a bunch of students to Truman Capote
  • Angie Zapata’s murderer was found guilty
  • speaking in Milwaukee at the UW Milwaukee campus & at The Tool Shed
  • the TransOhio conference, & specifically, getting to halt my talk for a Kiss-In
  • domestic partner protection for WI
  • turned 40
  • watching the revolution in Iran
  • Sims 3 came out
  • publication of Bear Bergman’s 2nd book The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You (I’m a gender geek like that)
  • two weddings of four lovely friends
  • Caster Semenya gets to keep her gold medal
  • passage of gender-inclusive Federal Hate Crimes Act
  • Kalamazoo keeps its rights
  • Amanda Simpson hired by Obama Administration
  • NYS’s new trans rights policy

So, yours? Are there any events you expected me to list that I didn’t?