Buying Stuff

& So it begins: the holiday season.

Did any of you go shopping yesterday? I didn’t, but then, I never do. My holiday shopping is (at best) erratic, and usually kind of last minute. Many Xmases ago, Betty & i went shopping together, & since then that’s closer to what we do: decide on whatever amount of money we can spare & then we just go out shopping together, & buy each other stuff we like.

But mostly I’m not big on stuff anymore; we have too much already, & our 1BR apt is packed to the gills. What I’d like is for someone to come clean our place, instead. Maybe it’s a sign of age, but stuff just means I need to clean out some stuff I already own to make room for the new stuff. & Somehow I feel a George Carlin routine coming on.

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  1. Torrid had an existing sale of 50% off all their clearance prices. Then on BF morning, they also had a 1/3rd off every order sale. These were cumulative, so I wound up picking up about $250 worth of clothes (mostly for work), for about $50.

    Given that I’m still trying to build up a wardrobe, that worked nicely for me.

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