I’m honestly a little surprised the US news media is reporting these terrorist bombings in India, because usually, they don’t. Most Americans have no idea how many bombings have gone on there in past years; all these years we’ve been worrying, since 2001, they’ve had regular bombings with regular fatalities.

Our condolences to all the people whose lives were lost or injured by these hateful acts.

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  1. I’m beginning to detect a theme for our big-hearted, thickheaded country for the 21st century; it’s not all about us. People with murder and hate in their hearts are always at war with peace and reason.
    I agree; I offer condolences and a wish for swift justice to our brothers and sisters in India.

  2. 1. Yes, Americans were “in danger”, that’s one reason this is getting attention stateside. The terrorists were targetting westerners. Had it been a regional thing, it wouldn’t have gotten a lot of play, simply because it happens so often.
    2. It’s also a holiday weekend here in the USA, so not much is going on except shopping.

    What’s interesting is that India is blaming Pakistan, which is denying involvement. I would tend to believe the official denial, and suspect militants within Pakistan. I don’t believe this was sanctioned by Pakistani leaders, but will probably have its intended effect: growing mistrust between the two countries.

  3. Having business in India, I’ve sent notes to friends and colleagues in regions affected by storms and flooding and terror for a while now. This time is no exception, and strikes close to home…I’ve stayed at a hotel on that beach, and we’ve been negotiating with a new client based in Mumbai.

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