Back to CO

I’m a little sad because Betty returns today to Colorado to finish the dental stuff she started a few months back. She was already away working a few days this past week, & will be gone working once she gets back from CO. This making money thing is necessary, I know, but I really hate that we end up apart because of it.

Likewise, she may not be coming with me for the whole time while I’m in Lawrence, again, because of the making money thing. But then I think about all the people even on our message boards who have already lost their jobs and feel thankful that both of us can get work, even if it comes with temporary separations.

Though I do have a lot of stuff to get done, and I may have a better chance of that while she’s not here. Hopefully, anyway. Lemonade, lemons: you know the drill.

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  1. It’s so very obvious how madly you two love each other. You are both talented and intelligent people who pursuing careers and this stuff happens…Also, things have a way of working out, but I do know that ache…
    Lemonade, indeed.

  2. Helen,
    During your time at Lawrence, should you (and Betty if she’s with you at the time) find any reason to travel to Milwaukee (120 miles) please consider this as an invitation to have dinner with us (complete strangers LOL!) at our home. Jackie is a great cook (so says Patty…and Jackie!). Feel free to Google Jackie Joy Jones in order to lessen the complete stranger thing a bit!


    Jackie and Patty

  3. Can we make lemon poppy seed cake instead? Too cold for lemonade!

    Hope the Colorado time passes quickly for you and that Betty gets through this with minimal pain and/or really good drugs.

  4. You have my sympathies. My 2 weeks of separation overseas seems about to turn into 3. Best wishes for Betty’s teeth and their owner. And the people without work.

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