More Music: #mile4 #MileofMusic

It’s that time of year in Appleton, when hundreds of musicians flood the town for the Mile of Music festival and there is music happening everywhere from 10am until 2am and beyond, along with an assortment of galleries showing art,… Continue Reading

Appleton’s Non Discimination Ordinance

Last night, the city of Appleton, WI passed a non discrimination ordinance that is inclusive of gender identity and expression. It passed the City Council 12-2, with awesome work by staff, council members, and Fair Wisconsin, and by my wife,… Continue Reading

ACLU Files Lawsuit Seeking Freedom to Marry for Wisconsin Couples

The ACLU has set the ball rolling: MADISON, Wis. – The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Wisconsin and the law firm of Mayer Brown filed a federal lawsuit today on behalf of four same-sex couples who wish to… Continue Reading

Domestic Partner Benefits Considered By WI State Supreme Court

So this happened in Wisconsin today: arguments were made to & for Wisconsin’s domestic partner benefits & registry. At issue is whether domestic partnerships create a legal status that is “substantially similar” to marriage and therefore violate the state’s 2006… Continue Reading


Occasionally, we do some things around here to increase queer visibility.

WI Domestic Partnerships

In the midst of all this bad news – the NRA’s ongoing thick-headedness, Iowa’s full speed reversal into 1953 – there is some good news out of the state of Wisconsin: namely, that Wisconsin’s domestic partnership registry has been upheld… Continue Reading

Go Tammy Go

Her first political ad:

& So It Begins…

… Football season, that is. For those of you who don’t live in Wisconsin or in some other place where football is de rigeur, I’m not sure you can understand exactly how awesome a beast football fandom is. I manged… Continue Reading

Anti AB 173

Congratulations to Outagamie County, reportedly the first county in Wisconsin to adopt a resolution to opposing AB 173, the anti-immigration copy cat law.

Me, Trans Ally

Our Lives magazine came to the awards ceremony when I received my Activist award from Fair Wisconsin, and asked me to write a little something based on my remarks that night. So I did, and it’s in this month’s issue.… Continue Reading

Walker Protested in NYC

Do a New Yorker a Favor

WI’s governor Scott Walker is going to be in NYC tomorrow, and this NYer would love it if people could go protest for me. DC 37 is organizing a group, and has an event page on FB. Here’s the info:… Continue Reading

Methodist Trial

I don’t really understand why LGBTQs have anything to do with religions that condemn them. This week, in a nearby town, a Methodist minster went on trial for two things: being a practicing self-avowed homosexual and marrying a same sex… Continue Reading

WI Next to Defund Planned Parenthood

Good news Monday, bad news Tuesday night: Walker is planning on de-funding Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood, taking a note from Indiana’s governor. First: this has nothing to do with money. The cost of additional pregnancies, cancer care, & the like, will… Continue Reading

Fair Wisconsin: Wisconsin Court Upholds Domestic Partnerships

via Lambda Legal: Applying v. Doyle case summation, and the document of the actual ruling. (Madison, Wisconsin, Monday, June 20, 2011) – Today, the Circuit Court, Branch 11 in Dane County Wisconsin upheld as constitutional the state’s Domestic Partner Registry.… Continue Reading

Warm(ish) Welcome

I read an article in Slate recently, by the author of Stiltsville, who was surprised to find herself described in a review of one of her books as “a recent transplant” as she’s been living in the midwest for 12… Continue Reading


What do you expect of two people who went on their first date to see Point of Order and now live in the birthplace of Joe McCarthy? You expect gung-ho progressive politics, dammit. Tonight, after being a Daily Kos reader… Continue Reading

April 4: We Are One

Today, the AFL-CIO is leading a national day of solidarity with Wisconsin workers and others in states whose rights and unions are being threatened. They’ve got a live feed of various events throughout the day. There’s a Twitter hashtag too,… Continue Reading

WI Votes Tuesday, April 5th

On Tuesday, it’s Election Day in Wisconsin, and it’s one of those elections for which most people don’t bother to show up, most years. This year, I suspect, will see a much higher turnout because progressives, democrats, and sensible conservatives… Continue Reading

Set Your Clocks Back

Make sure to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight, unless, of course, you’re in Wisconsin, where you need to set them back 100 years. No, really: 1911 saw the WI passage of the first Worker’s Comp laws, but it… Continue Reading