WI Trans Youth Study!

This is so exciting – a study of the needs of trans youth in WI. Please get the word out. WI TRANS YOUTH STUDY Are you a transgender or gender nonconforming young person living in Wisconsin? Make sure your voice… Continue Reading

WI Trans Employment Survey

This just in: Volunteers needed for online survey-must be employed in Wisconsin and be transgender. Please forward to those who may wish to participate. This anonymous online survey focuses on the job satisfaction of transgender employees in the workplace. It… Continue Reading

Mile 2, Day 2: #MileofMusic

Last year’s Mile of Music festival here in Appleton was such a huge success they’re doing it again and it started yesterday: I’ve already seen Charlie Parr (who knocked my socks off last year), Los Colognes (who reminded everyone of… Continue Reading

“I never realized that I was like a second-class citizen . . . until I wasn’t one anymore.”

So the weddings have been taking place since the news that the ban was struck down here in WI, and there have been beautiful photos – like the one of the Madison cops bringing cakes to couples getting married on… Continue Reading

WI’s Marriage Ban Struck Down

Honestly, the news made me cry the second I read it. Unbelievable. Forward, Wisconsin, and HAPPY PRIDE!

Domestic Partner Benefits Considered By WI State Supreme Court

So this happened in Wisconsin today: arguments were made to & for Wisconsin’s domestic partner benefits & registry. At issue is whether domestic partnerships create a legal status that is “substantially similar” to marriage and therefore violate the state’s 2006… Continue Reading

Chickens & Rifles

Some men have been carrying AR-15 rifles to the Appleton Farmer’s Market. They are making a Point about open carry laws and 2nd Amendment rights, etc. Other people – and yes, these are people I know – decided to carry… Continue Reading

Outagamie County Considers Benefits for Domestic Partners

On Tuesday afternoon, the Outagamie County Legislative Committee will consider adding Domestic Partner Health Coverage for gay and lesbian county employees in a domestic partnership. You can contact the Committee by emailing them and telling them it’s the right thing… Continue Reading

Walker Watch

I’m not sure people are aware of this, but Scott Walker has been having people arrested for singing, or watching people sing, in the state capitol’s rotunda. This is the same place where all the protests happened a few years… Continue Reading

Mark Pocan (D-WI) on ENDA and ExxonMobil

Pretty simply put with a lot of useful information about why ExxonMobil is the exception and not the rule and need to get out of the way of this important American legislation. Mark Pocan is gay, out, and is now… Continue Reading

Queer Wisconsin

Okay, maybe not queer Wisconsin, but definitely LGBTQ Wisconsin, at least. There are two interesting articles out about the state of gay rights and marriage equality and non-discrimination in this state. One is mostly about Fair Wisconsin: its history, current… Continue Reading

Fox Cities Book Festival: April 17 – 24

The Fox Cities Book Festival started in earnest yesterday and I saw one author right out of the gate: James Loewen, otherwise famous for Lies My Teacher Told Me, but who spoke yesterday about sundown towns. And he was amazing.… Continue Reading

Fair Wisconsin Gala! February 9th!

Next Saturday, Fair Wisconsin’s Education Fund will be holding a Gala to celebrate the year’s victories and leadership, and yes, Tammy Baldwin will be in attendance! Tickets are $125 a person, and the keynote speaker will be none other than… Continue Reading

WI Court Refuses Domestic Partner Case

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court today refused the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals’ request to certify the domestic partnership case. I’m working on getting more info, but in the meantime, the short motion is available online .

WI Book Festival

I’m going to be speaking at this year’s Wisconsin Book Festival in November with my friend and fellow artist Miriam Hall. You can check out the schedule & the list of authors who will be speaking or reading. And check… Continue Reading


I’m heart-broken to hear this news. Milwaukee, for the record, is a very cool little city, & the county is progressive. My heart is with the county’s residents, many of whom are no doubt horrified by this expression of hate… Continue Reading

Slutwalk: Appleton

Today, for my 43rd birthday, and on Mother’s Day to boot, I’ll be speaking at Appleton’s first Slutwalk. Here’s a preview of what I’m planning on saying: Thank you so much, VDAY, for having the ovarios to put on this… Continue Reading

WI, VOTE! Tomorrow (is one step closer to Recalling Walker)

Fair Wisconsin PAC has announced their 2012 Recall Primary Election Endorsements. They are committed to advancing and achieving equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Wisconsinites through strategic electoral activity, by working to elect pro-fairness individuals in local, state and… Continue Reading

Call for WI Trans Resources

I am currently looking to compile a few WI resources for trans people. You can leave them in the comments, or email me with them at helenboyd(at)myhusbandbetty(dot)com. Things I’d like to see: Trans friendly/educated doctors, therapists, & other professionals Local… Continue Reading

Letter from PP About WI Bombing

A (.pdf) note from Teri Huyck to our patients and supporters regarding Incident at Appleton Health Center: “For 77 years, the dedicated staff at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin have worked to ensure that women and families will always be able… Continue Reading