Two Tune Tuesday: Kimbra

This is one of those songs that’s going to be entirely misunderstood, much like “Every Breath You Take Was”. I’ll put money on it showing up at weddings, even. And don’t miss some of the coldest lyrics about marriage I’ve… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Gotye

But you didn’t have to cut me off Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing I don’t even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger And that feels so rough I can’t stop… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Cheap Trick

I was never a fan of Cheap Trick, but I wasn’t not a fan, either – and then I went to Joey Ramone’s 50th birthday party which was, of course, a wake of sorts too, and in addition to The… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: OK GO

They’re otherwise famous for the video of “A Million Ways” but I had their “I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe” come up on Pandora the other day, and so went hunting for it, which is when I discovered… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Goldfrapp

Two Tune Tuesday: Photographs (from the 80s)

How can you not love a band that came up with “another Kodak whore, winking” and “see the red light rinsing another shutter slut wincing”? I know, I know, slut-shaming is bad, but I still love the sound of those… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Sergio Mendes

Two Tune Tuesday: Terry Hall

Terry Hall’s best known as one of the voices of the ska band The Specials (although many will know “Ghost Town” only), but 80s types will know him equally well as the emo-before-emo voice of The Fun Boy 3. (There… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Foster the People

I kept noticing “Pumped Up Kicks” because the guy’s voice reminded me of Ray Davies’ and that’s just not a bad thing. Trippy and sweet electronica, what isn’t often my thing, but sometimes it hits when there’s some kind of… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I miss Roddy Frame, but now I don’t have to. (Of course it’s not Roddy Frame, but still.)

Two Tune Tuesday: Bud Powell

Okay, no laughing, but since the three listening choices I have now that I work at a university with a conservatory are (1) world music, (2) classical, and (3) jazz, I’m trying to learn something about the latter. I’m not… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Grief, Grace, & Hope

This Week’s Playlist! Friday night I listened to the Buckley; I knew Aeneas was going soon, & wow did I not want to let him go, but Buckley’s voice is so beautiful in this one; it’s more a cri de… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Cars

Guess who’s learning how to drive this summer? Yes, more Garbage, but “Driving Lesson” is a hot, hot song, no? I would be remiss not to mention “Cartrouble Pt. 1” too, so here are the Ants doing it live. Thanks… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Garbage

Shirley Manson sings my heart in a way female singers almost never do.

Two Tune Tuesday: Sweetness & Light

A friend put this Cake song up on Facebook the other day, & I wanted to find another similar kind of joyous song & came up with this one by April Smith, whose songs make me happy in a goofy… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Poly Styrene’s Descendents

I’m a day late, but it’s the 10th week of a 10 week term, so cut me a break. Here are two recent songs I’ve heard recently that make me think about Poly Styrene’s impact on music. Altered Images is… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: [Insert Clever Euphemism Here]

I’ve been researching some for a class I’m teaching next year on sexuality, and was reading a few things about autosexuality, and I wondered, with all those songs about sex, are there any about self-pleasure? These are the few I… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Morphine

One of the biggest regrets of my musical life was that I didn’t know about Morphine before the death of Mark Sandman in ’99. Hugely regrettable – I wish I’d seen them live. There is something so sexy – in… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Theme Songs

In the light of some upcoming news, I thought I’d post two songs today that are ones I really do hum to myself when I need them, when my spine isn’t feeling as tall as I’d like. I first heard… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: The Pretenders

First: no listening until you go VOTE. I have always been only a little bit Chrissie Hynde fan, but recently she’s hit me exactly the right way: every song, every lyric, every everything is just right. Maybe I had to… Continue Reading