1st (Male) Same Sex Sex Scene on Daytime TV

I assume the corniness is typical for daytime TV, but there’s no reason a same-sex sex scene can’t be as corny as anyone else’s. With fireworks, even. For someone who went to see My Beautiful Laundrette about a dozen times… Continue Reading

Conveyor Belt of Love?

I have no idea if anyone in the world watches the show Conveyor Belt of Love, but I did find this clip (& this blog post about it) interesting. Scott Schofield, as he introduces himself, is Scott Turner Schofield, trans… Continue Reading

Just Say Sorry, David Letterman

Ox Freeman of the Alabama Gender Alliance just posted the info from GLAAD about the stupid joke that was made on David Letterman about Amanda Simpson, and with it he commented that, “Trans people will not be safe from hate… Continue Reading

Shame on Law & Order: CI

(spoiler alert for tonight’s episode)

Dick Don Rumsfeld

WaMo has an article about Rumsfield & Katrina that won’t surprise anyone who was paying attention. What it does, however, is point up exactly how much of a f***head he was. After the president had returned to the White House,… Continue Reading

RIP Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur died today. We shared a birthday, and we shared being the butt of jokes about masculine women and women with facial hair and women who prefer comfortable shoes, but she did that on the national stage, and for… Continue Reading

Filmed Attack on Peruvian Trans Prostitute

A Peruvian television station was invited to a planned attack on a local prostitute who is a “travesti” – a MTF trans prostitute. It aired on television, and was later aired with a longer segment. Blabbeando covered it, as did… Continue Reading

Cold Case: Daniela

(1:15 AM) …I get a night to stay up late enough to catch some old Cold Case episodes & guess what the plot twist is tonight? The girl who gets killed was a boy… (2:00 AM )… & this was… Continue Reading

Here I Am GH

Aeneas on the coffee table where I frequently grade papers, re read texts, and watch Law & Order. & Eat. In other words, Aeneas as usual near my center of attention.

Law & Order: “Transitions”

Law & Order‘s show tonight is about a trans teenager who is accused of attacking her father who insists she’s a boy and is trying to get custody of her from her mother. 9:59 PM definitely sympathetic. hopefully indicative of… Continue Reading

Oppressed Christians

Has anyone else seen this video? It’s unbelievably paranoid, no? I’m not sure what part of “your religion stops where my government starts” they don’t understand. They can say anything they want, and usually do. What they can’t do is… Continue Reading


Oy. I got entirely roped into the CSI marathan that was on Spike this weekend, and today they’ve moved onto CSI: NY episodes. I come home from teaching Gender Studies 100 (specifically a piece by Ana Castillo) and it turns… Continue Reading

Maddow Style

Did anyone else notice that Rachel Maddow seemed “poofier” tonight? Maybe it was just her hair. Maybe it was an accident. It’s not so different than how she usually looks, but different enough that I noticed. And was distracted by… Continue Reading

Sunday Night Shimmy

An old friend of mine is in town, and she was asked to guest drum at a bellydance performance tonight. As I’ve rarely gotten to see her drum, I went, & dragged my sister with me. (Betty, sadly, is not… Continue Reading

More Death Shows: Cold Case

I watch a lot of death shows, as I call them – the forensics, the procedurals, the investiigation shows. I’m a big fan of Cold Case, especially: the premise is that they have to take on a cold case –… Continue Reading

Next Stop

Anyone else catch any of the July 4th Twilight Zone marathon? Great stuff. I just saw Of Late I Think of Cliffordville which is particularly cruel, and stars Albert Salmi, who also played Smerdjakov in The Brothers Karamazov in 1958.… Continue Reading

A Good Catholic Boy

The memorials for Tim Russert have been like one huge celebration of the culture I was raised in – working class, political, Catholic, and Democratic. I bawled straight through Bruce Springsteen’s performance of “Thunder Road” because I grew up with… Continue Reading


New Law & Order : Criminal Intent tonight at 9PM. Oh, how long it’s been!

#1 Reason to Come to NYC

Tonight Betty & I were watching some combination of Burn Notice, Keith Olbermann, and Law & Order (always L&O), when we heard fireworks out our window. There were some last week too, so we kind of responded with a “must… Continue Reading

Review: Becoming Drusilla

Nettie, one of our regulars on the MHB Boards, wrote a fantastic review of this book, and I thought more people should see it. My sister is frustrated, she tells me, because she feels as though she’s the only one… Continue Reading